Preparing Your Home for Winter

With the colder weather and rainy days in full swing in the UK, it’s important for homeowners to take the necessary measures to ensure their homes are protected from the elements, and nice and cosy during the winter months. The DIY and maintenance jobs seem to never end, but it’s crucial to keep on top of them to avoid any expensive repairs later down the line.

Start by preparing the outside of your home for heavy rain and wind. Put away anything that’s likely to blow around or become damaged during winter, like your garden furniture and tools. Unblock the guttering of any debris and make sure it isn’t damaged anywhere, as pooling water can damage your building’s foundations and lead to cracks and leaks. Any trees with long branches should be cut back. You should also check the roof for any damaged or missing tiles.

Consider whether or not you have adequate outdoor lighting. During winter, it gets dark a lot earlier so you might want to make sure that driveway and front door are well-lit, so you don’t trip when coming home from work. You also want to be able to see your keys when trying to fit them in the door. Exterior lighting is also great for deterring criminals.

Your indoor lighting is important too. It might be worth changing out your bulbs for an energy efficient alternative as you’re going to be using them a lot more in the coming months and it would be an easy way to keep your bills to a minimum. Be sure to draught proof your doors and windows to keep the heat in – another way to reduce your bills.

Since winter is quite a dreary time of year, your home might benefit from some colourful soft furnishings to brighten things up. Cushions, curtains, rugs and throw blankets are all great options, but even a coat of paint will do the trick.

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