How to Raise a Confident Child

In order to succeed in school, a child needs to have confidence in their abilities. Without it, they won’t feel comfortable contributing in class or taking risks. Some children are naturally more confident than others, which is why it’s important for parents to try their best to help. Here’s some advice from an independent school in Hertfordshire.

Think about the way you talk to your child, especially about their education. Do you use positive terminology to encourage and support them? Being hard on them when they don’t get the grade they were hoping for will emphasise their insecurities, so try to put a positive spin on things. For instance, you could say “I know you didn’t get the grade you were hoping for but I’m still really proud of you for trying your best”. Remind them that there’s always a next time and they can learn from their mistakes, to encourage a growth mindset.

Another great way to help your child with their confidence is to give them some responsibilities around the house, to show them that you trust them. Praise them when they complete the task successfully so that they learn they can do anything they put their mind to with a little bit of effort. These tasks could be as simple as setting the table or making their bed each morning.

Extra-curricular activities are also great for giving kids a confidence boost because they help them to develop key skills and build new relationships. For instance, if they join a sports team, they will feel a sense of satisfaction each time the team wins but will also feel supported by the other players. If they learn an instrument and perform in front of others, they will feel a sense of pride when receiving applause.

If you are concerned about your child’s lack of confidence, it might be worth contacting their teachers so that you can work together to find ways to encourage them and build them up. After all, the teacher will want the best for your child, just like you.

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