Mike the Knight playset review

If you have a Mike the Knight fan in your house then they are going to love the new range of figures and playsets that have just been launched as a result of the popular show.

We haven’t watched CBeebies in this house for a while so we weren’t aware of Mike the Knight initially and had to check out what it was all about. In case you are like me and didn’t know, Mike the Knight is a new pre school animated show set in the exciting and enchanting medieval times of castles, dragons, vikings and trolls. The main star of the show is obviously ‘Mike’ who is a young 10 year knight in training and episodes can see him rescuing princesses to defeating trolls, great stuff!

As with all great shows it is not long until figurines, playsets and plush toys follow and the range looks pretty good to me…

The show is aimed primarily a boys aged 3-5 but from what I have gathered it is as much as a hit with little girls as boys! Having a 3 year old boy, I knew that this product would appeal. Once Beastie had familiarised himself with the show, it was soon time to introduce the Deluxe Glendragon Playset we had been sent for him to review. As soon as we opened the package his eyes were wide open in amazement at what was inside. You could see straight away that it had lots of features perfect for little inquisitive folk. There is a stable area for Galahad the horse downstairs and upstairs a bed with a nifty slide underneath for a swift departure. The playset has many secret hidden treasure features and pre schoolers will love recreating scenes from the show as well as using their own imagination. The treasure chest with it’s hidden compartment is a particular favourite of Beasties and that alone can amuse him for some time.


Beastie in action with his tower…




The range also includes scaled action figures, battle accessories and playsets to collect including Hairy Harry’s Horse Stop for Mike to take Galahad to and make sure he looks his best, a Glendragon Arena for jousting competitions and a Viking Longboat with unique multi-oar rowing action.

This is a picture of the side of the box we received and as you can see there is quite a few parts to collect to complete the set.

This product has been an instant hit with Beastie and has certainly reinforced his newfound love for Mike the Knight. I always like to get characters from his favourite shows so it’s great there is an expandable range here too. The downside to this product for me is the small loose parts. I have lost count of the amount of times we have mislaid Mike and the treasure chest but then it’s not hard for pieces to go missing in this house and be eaten up by the underneath of the sofa or chucked in a toy box. However, this is what you expect of most small toys so as long as Beastie doesn’t mind having half a set at times then it really doesn’t make much of a difference. Also at the age of three it might encourage him to be a little more careful with where he puts his toys and maybe someday actually tidy them away!

Nb. I was kindly sent this item to review. I have shared my experience and expressed opinions on the product that are entirely my own.