Mini memory® cards

Beastie has been busy trying out some more games tailored to his age range. As ever I have been keen to keep him entertained during the summer holidays (as you would) with some new activities designed to get his little brain ticking over and mine come to think of it. He got to try out a mini set of memory® cards from Ravensberger. They are available with several characters to suit both boys and girls including Moshi Monsters, Mike the Knight, Thomas & Friends, Minnie Mouse, Disney Princess and Hello Kitty.

The set comes complete with 48 cards featuring high quality pictures of the characters on the box. Each laminated card measures approximately 5 x 5 cm and are aimed at girls and boys aged between 3-5 years.

You can adapt the amount of cards you use depending on the age of your child. So for Beastie 48 was rather a lot of cards for him to arrange. I didn’t want it to be overwhelming for him and knew that would be guaranteed to be offputting and confuse him. He made a start with laying out 20 cards face down and soon got to grips with the concept of the game. It’s basically a simple game of memorising where the matching pictures lie once you have uncovered them.

This is certainly a game you should choose to play when your little ones are not tired and have the patience to concentrate. It was surprising how quickly Beastie managed to lay out the cards and quicked showed me how bad my memory is compared to his! The only downside to the game is that it is quite fiddly to arrange all of the cards and you do need a bit of space to spread out. It’s also a game that can be challenging with short attention spans and it will certainly get more use once Beastie is a little older. All in all a good little set that Beastie has asked to play on a number of occasions since it arrived and it’s handy to take away as they’re in a small box – although I expect some of the cards might go missing.

Nb. We were sent these memory cards for the purpose of this review but all opinions are entirely our own.