Sibling Love

If you are a sibling yourself you will know what it feels like to have a brother or sister, good or bad it can’t be denied that siblings share a special bond through their shared childhoods. Arch enemies or best friends brothers and sisters are (usually) there through thick and thin.

I was inspired to write this post after recently seeing through tweeting and blogging how a lot of ladies pregnant with their second child are looking forward to seeing their children together. Two pregnant ladies I know, Lucy from Dear Beautiful Boy and Katie from Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three have been talking a bit about it lately.

I too felt exactly the same during my pregnancy with Baby Beastie. As I found out at the 5 month scan that we were having a second boy, I had visions of the best friends they would one day become. One factor that I always thought might play a part in their relationship together was the length of the age gap. I had never entertained having a second child any closer than the 3 years that is between them but I was also aware of the gap stretching too far.

There are over 7 years between my elder sister and I and now we are older the gap has closed considerably. I would say that when growing up the years between us seemed vast at times and yet at other times it worked in our favour. As my big sister she looked after me really well and I have fond memories of her teaching me to read the time, ride a bike, playing with barbies and putting up with me creeping into her bed at night when scared (far too often). Then the not so fond memories of her being mean and telling me I had been adopted, mail order discount cialis playing with her friends in the street whilst I sobbed at my bedroom window (my bedtime not hers) and being dressed up like a doll to name but a few. Then I discovered there were extra bonuses to having an older sister when I started to visit pubs and clubs, of course at the legal age *cough*. My sister has always had a natural way with children and it’s lovely to see her now with her nephews. They get to share her imagination like I did.

The relationship that I can see developing between my sons is simply amazing to watch. From the moment that we brought Baby Beastie home from the hospital and his big brother opened his arms to tentatively hold him for a few moments, I knew that special bond had begun. I am so incredibly proud of how Beastie has coped with his arrival and how he has learnt to share his time with me. It’s not been without some traumas and tantrums but he has never displayed any resentment towards him, which was my main worry. The way that they interact with each other is incredible and I can see how much older siblings bring on younger siblings. Beastie is always concerned when his brother is crying and tries to help by suggesting what the problem could be. He’s so very caring and he has such a calming effect on Baby Beastie (most of the time).



What we don’t know is how our children are going to get along together, through childhood and beyond but you can only hope that they will be close and look out for each other. Most of all I want them to love and care about each other, even though they will no doubt squabble most of the time but that’s what it’s all about. Sibling Love.