Potties and willies

We are at that stage where I would say we are on the ‘cusp’ of potty training. Beastie will be two and a half next month and so far everywhere I have read it states that this is around the age you can expect a boy to be ready.  Now it’s a always an interesting one, I hate to go by what people call the norm and I know that all children develop in their own ways.

Where Beastie was super quick at rolling over, sitting up and being confident on his feet, he is still getting there with his speech and the latest being the potty issue. Not that I have made it an issue (by the way) as I know that is a massive no no, what I have noticed is how people are starting to comment. I have from time to time throughout Beastie’s life become sensitive over people’s comments on various milestones and I actually avoid parents now that constantly compare. Why can’t they just be happy with their child’s progress rather than trying to compete? no one likes bragging and those sorts of people never take it well when their child may be the one lagging behind.

So a long while back I began to prepare for the impending training and bought a potty and rather hastily I might add, some really cute pants. The potty was placed in the bathroom and was generally greeted with much disgust, we had a few occasions where it was sat on but more often than not it was kicked away.

It soon became apparent that the toilet was in fact what Beastie referred to as the potty and soon enough I bought a children’s training seat and a book called Potty Training for Boys. I started to read this book yesterday and instantly thought it doable with the fact you don’t need to set aside a few days to stay indoors. The book claims to offer step by step guidance through the next few weeks, geared more towards working Mums who can’t take a few days off to dedicate themselves fully to the training. It reads well and I will stick with it for now although there are some statements that have annoyed me already…yes we’re calling it a willy.

I have been careful not to rush Beastie and bow to pressure from other people, I do firmly believe that forcing the issue will make matters more difficult and that choosing the right time is crucial. This is the part that worries me. Last week the nursery manager casually came up to me to ask ‘we were wondering what was happening with potty training?’. To which I flatly told her he was not ready yet. I was slightly irked that she had asked in the way she had, as they so often do with matters, as well as feeling that when the training does start that I would have the sense to mention it them. She also didn’t confirm any particular cues that had brought her to this conclusion.

I have written before about the nursery manager and her ways of dealing with situations, she tries to be tactful but always manages to come across the opposite. Yesterday I was particularly amused when a parent walked into the nursery after me and said to her ‘it always stinks of poo when you walk in!’. It doesn’t in my opinion but I really wished it was me that had said it, she simply didn’t know what to say and I could see it ruffled her feathers.

The potty has been relegated to the airing cupboard, it gathers less dust there. As for the toilet seat, I give it the thumbs up. Beastie has accomplished putting it on the loo, pulling up his little step and hopping on, dangling his legs for a while before putting them all back where they started from. I realise I need a lot of patience here and will need to wait for a present in the toilet, we just never seem to get one. Just confirmation it’s squished up his backside and obvious squatting accompanied with denial. To all of you that have finished your training or are in the process, we are about to jump on board…wish us luck.