18 of my goals for 2018

Well hello January and all of your dreariness. Yep, it’s that time of the year again where Christmas has just suddenly departed and we’re left facing the month that is generally despised. However, with that prospect comes talk of what our ‘New Year’ will hopefully hold for us and what we really want to do differently this year.

It’s a chance to give yourself a bit of a shake up always and it generally accompanies the need to reflect on what happened the previous year. I think it’s natures way of giving you momentum to get through the next few months before Spring literally gives you a spring back in your step.

I was tagged by the lovely Alex from Lamb and Bear to come up with a list of my goals…

You might think that 18 goals is a little bit steep and I must admit that on first glance, I definitely would agree with that. Yet when you really start to think about things, (and you do need to think a little bit) it soon becomes clear what is usually a running theme every year and what is new for the year.

So here are my goals…

Have an optimistic outlook – My husband always has a lot more faith in things working out than I do and when I feel things unravelling, I will often go into panic mode. We compliment each other in the fact that we encourage the other to keep their chin up when something is getting us down. Occasionally we might both be on a downer about something (usually money or work) and that’s when positive thinking is the way forward, once we’ve snapped out of it.

Embrace my bullet journal – I’ve made a start on it and I need to invest a little more time on getting it set up properly. The slightest distraction when planning it, leaves me frustrated, so I need to make sure that I do it when the kids aren’t around. I can have a proper go at getting it ready once the boys are back at school and Georgie has her naps. I’m already thinking of so much that I want to add to it, so I really do want to grab the bull by the horns – so to speak.

Start vlogging regularly – I need to properly utilise the equipment that I have more often. I have the camera, lighting and editing equipment, so there really is no excuse when the boys are at school. I tend to let myself get easily stressed when talking to the camera and even more so when I have a deadline and brief to fulfil. However, practice will make these issues easier. I just need to do it.

Plan my blog properly – This is something that I’m pretty useless at to be honest. I don’t make the time to plan for the year ahead and if only I made the effort, I’m sure it would make things run much smoother in the long run. So the aim is to plan in advance for the seasons and events throughout the year.

Do a tourist day in Norwich – We’ve been living in Norfolk for a year now and we still haven’t properly had a look around the city (bar shopping). So we have agreed that we will set aside a day to do the ‘tourist’ thing in Norwich.

Be more conscious about what I eat – when I eat well, I actually enjoy it but I often let myself slip back into old habits and grabbing things in the cupboard for convenience. I went through a phase of having poached eggs and salad for lunch and I didn’t miss my sandwiches. It’s all about getting out of lazy routines.

Find some form of exercise that I’m happy with – but also not get stressed when I don’t manage to stick with it. I do struggle to stick to exercise but I struggle far more with it being affordable. As always, I will try something new very soon.

Organise and regularly back up my photos on my laptop – Who is guilty of not sorting out their memories? I’m sick to death of my laptop telling me that my storage is full, which is usually when I’m in the middle of editing something and I curse myself time and time again for not doing ‘my housekeeping’. In turn I end up making more work for myself and it consuming more precious time.

Try and be more ‘in the moment’ – Rather than absorbed in capturing the moment! Obviously I’m not going to put my phone down completely, but I’m going to try and make a more conscious effort, especially when at home.

Spend more time with Alex – We very rarely have time together, even though we see each other a lot at home! It’s the time outside of the house without the children in tow, that really makes a difference to our relationship. For the first time in ages we actually have a few days booked away together in the summer and it will be when it’s our anniversary too. That beats an M&S Dine for £10!

Set more time aside for the kids – I’m always too busy juggling things at the same time as looking after the children. I need to be more strict with how I use my time. When they are at school is when I need to utiltise my time properly and in turn I need to devote enough time to them, to make sure that they aren’t neglected when they’re at home. So this means proper time spent with their reading and homework, as well as playing the games that they want to play from time to time.

Arrange my finances better – Every year, it’s the same old story. This year I need to use my bank accounts effectively and keep certain things separate, rather than everything being gobbled up in one account. I still have debt but I figure that I need to get my affairs in order first!

Crack on with my life coaching course – Before Christmas I started an online course and I wrote an introductory post about it and what I hope it will bring for me this year. If it sounds like your cup of tea, then take a look and keep your eye out for my next post all about it.

Make the most of this last year with Georgie before she starts pre-school – I’ve been worrying lately about the guilt of her not being in childcare, but now I realise that it’s this year that she actually qualifies for free childcare and that’s kind of scary and feels like it’s really just crept up on me! So this year will be spent doing more things like swimming and little trips out with her. I really want to soak up this special time.

Find the time to do things that help me relax – It’s something that most of us struggle with and that’s finding some classic ‘me’ time. I always used to find reading so incredibly therapeutic but it’s so rare that I sit down and enjoy a book these days. Even when I do find the time, I more often than not discover that I’m easily distracted or that the books don’t hold my attention. That’s something that I need to work on and perhaps my choice of books too.

Stop thinking about what others think of me – I’ve been plagued by this one for as long as I can remember and I’m not sure that I will ever be that person who genuinely doesn’t give a toss, it’s just not in me. I will always see the faults in myself before others and I struggle to have the conviction to just have faith in myself and that who I am, is perfectly okay!

Start that capsule wardrobe – I’m that person who has a wardrobe full, yet has nothing to wear! I’ve learnt through the years what suits me and what colours work for me and yet I still make impulse buys that are not only a waste of money but take up valuable hanging space. I also need to actually pay attention to what will crease like hell and avoid buying those items. I’ve been putting off buying a new iron for years and I don’t intend to make 2018 that year.

Venture to exciting places as a family – Travel blogging is an aspect that we are keen to explore further and travelling to more places with the children and filming them in our style, would really make our year. You’ve got to believe that the world is your oyster.

I’ve written posts like this before and I always find them extremely cathartic to write and also to refer to down the line. It’s always interesting to look back on what was important one year to the next and how your priorities and goals shift over time.

So what are your goals for this year? I’d love to know.

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