My water confidence and fitness

As you may already be aware, I’ve been attempting a bit of a fitness overhaul at the moment. However, one recurrent theme seems to stay with me and that is the fact that getting fit can be so boring. Not only can it be boring but it’s also a lot of hard work and the two together certainly don’t make a recipe for motivation – besides getting fit that is!

I’ve always loved swimming but it’s not something that I do that much these days, nor am I a particularly strong swimmer. What I do love is the all over body workout that swimming gives you due to the resistence of the water but it not actually feeling that it’s as exhausting as when you do regular workouts. You feel invigorated and revitalised and it simply feels like the most natural form of exercise.

Years ago (pre-children) I used to enjoy swimming several times a week at my local leisure centre during my lunch breaks at work. I can’t imagine where I found the energy or inclination to do that now but I do remember that I really enjoyed the benefits of doing it at the time. I used to feel great after a few lengths and it’s something that I would like to get back into again.

Although I swim, I would say that my water confidence has never been great and it really shows when I’m in open water as I quite literally feel out of my depth! I do however believe that it’s never too late to try and improve yourself and it’s certainly not too late to become a better swimmer. You can even get special equipment from brands such as finis to aid the process of getting stronger and more confident.

Who knows, maybe at some point I may want to join the boys in their wetsuits and actually do some body boarding. Or perhaps face my fears a little bit and embrace the chance to do some snorkelling both at our local beaches and in some clear waters abroad.

It all starts with having that initial motivation to then gain that confidence. Wish me luck!

Nb. This is a collaborative post.