Easy Banana Cake with chocolate chips

When the banana’s go brown, it means that there will always be banana cake!

Your go to banana cake

Unless you have a banana eating fiend in your house (which I currently do), then from time to time your bananas will start to turn before someone has the chance to eat them. So to avoid being wasteful, it’s always a good plan to use them up by making a delicious banana cake.

banana cake

I’ve tried a few recipes throughout the years and eventually settled on this one that always produces great results. It does take a little longer than most as it requires you to cover the tin part way through but this is to avoid the top of the cake getting burnt. The fact that the cake is bakes on a lower heat for the remainder of the cooking time, means that it cooks through perfectly with no soggy parts.

I like things to be easy when cake making and a ‘throw it all in the mixer’ approach is what works best for me. It’s less messy and it’s hell of a lot less hassle!

This cake doesn’t have to include chocolate but I usually do add chocolate chips as they go so well alongside the banana. My family also moan if I don’t put them in, as they moan if chocolate doesn’t feature in most puddings.

It’s a recipe that’s easy to adapt yourself but I always stick to using two good sized bananas. Use one and it’ll be too dry and use more and it’ll be too dense. In the past I have popped in some cinnamon and some fudge and when I have demerara sugar in the cupboard, it makes for a lovely crunchy topping.

For a full list of ingredients including a complete step by step downloadable recipe card, please download yours below: