Darlings of Chelsea

Styling our new build

We’re now just a matter of weeks away from the expected completion of our new house. It’s been a bit of a rocky road with the outbreak of Covid, where we fully expected there to be long delays with the building works, but we’ve recently been informed that our plot is still on track for the end of July.  We don’t believe it will be completed by then, but it’s a lot more optimistic than we were thinking. It seems such a long time ago that we relocated to Norfolk, and now we’re finally going to be settling into a new permanent home.

With this in mind, it’s sent me into overdrive looking for the last few items that we need for the house and I’m back scrolling through Pinterest and adding colour schemes to my mood boards.

As it’s a new build, it’s very much a blank canvas to start from scratch with. I know that it’ll take a little more work to give the house some character and it’ll be a design project in progress for a while. It is however, very exciting to get my teeth into designing each room and finally being able to do exactly what I want, as we’ll be free to make changes as we please.


I go through phases, but at the moment I like gold and this will be the main accent in our bedroom. My dressing table is made of mango wood with gold detailing, so I want to carry on that theme throughout the room. I’m still on the look out for bedside lamps that are gold, but I just can’t seem to find exactly what I’m looking for at the moment. I like how gold goes so well with other colours like pinks and greens, so I think this colour combination may feature heavily.

Going bold

This all of course meant that sofa shopping was first on the list of essentials that we need for when we get into the house. I think we’ll probably be in the house before the new sofas arrive, but they’re on order, which is the main thing. I decided to just go for it with the colour choice and chose the shade that I loved the most, which was the Turquoise Velvet Cricket from Sofology.


I do love grey, but I’ve been careful to not go too mad with the shade. I’m not a fan of completely grey homes and that would never be my chosen look, but grey undoubtedly, is a great base colour. We’ve chosen grey carpets for upstairs and for the lounge and we’ve chosen grey vinyl flooring for the kitchen and hallway. I would have loved to have chosen a parquet style, but it wasn’t an option, so we opted for a shade of LVT that we liked.

The kids rooms

Understandably, the kids are really excited to finally all have their own separate rooms! They’ve all chosen new beds and they’ll get to choose their colour schemes once we’ve moved in. The boys have chosen grey wooden beds and Georgie has chosen a pink velvet wing back bed that I’m just a little bit jealous of if I’m honest.  It will be so lovely to see them express their personalities in their own little spaces too.

The prospect of moving and all that is ahead, is a little daunting, but we can’t wait to start our new chapter in our lives and I can’t wait to really make our house a home.

Nb. Collaborative post.