2020 Window Treatment Trends To Look Out For

Windows give a peek into the soul of your home. That is why window treatments are significantly important when it comes to interior design. Window treatments do more than giving privacy and climate control. They can also dress up your windows, transforming your rooms into elegant, modern, romantic or whimsical extensions of your home.

All window treatments are not the same as they all serve the same purpose, but the way in which they fulfill those purposes differ. There are roman and roller shades as well as shutters and blinds. They all provide a different look depending on what you are going for. Give those windows a good professional window cleaning and dive into the biggest window treatment trends that are sure to update your home.

Greater Emphasis On Hardware

Oftentimes when trying to design the best window treatment for your home, it is easy to overlook the hardware. The hardware used to hang those curtains are just as important as the curtains themselves. They can really tie a look together. Acrylic accents on finials, tiebacks and rods, as well as metal hardware, are really big. When you are looking for those perfect window treatments, be sure to put some thought into the hardware.

Motorisation And Total Automation

This is very big. It is a trend that seems to be growing in popularity by the day. With the constant update on technological advances, it was only a matter of time before they started making their way into homes. Technological advances have made it much easier to create smaller motors. Smaller motors mean you will have more options of what to do with them. You are now able to have cordless window treatments, which can also help extend the life of your window treatments while making it much safer for young kids and any pets you may have.

Once you have motorised your window treatments, you can automate them using a switch, remote or an app on your phone. You can schedule your window treatments to close or open at certain times of the day without you having to be there to do it. This enables you to get the most out of your window treatments.

Warm Metallic Accents

These colours include gold, brass and bronze as opposed to silver, pewter and nickel. These colours also go beyond hardware and fixtures. Warm metallic accents are being added and incorporated into a variety of fabrics and textiles. Likewise, fabrics with shine are being used as edging or trim to upholstery and window treatments as a way to capture the eye.

Classic Blue

Not only is this color Pantone’s color of the year 2020, but it also synonymous with a sense of calmness, peace and the excitement of what is to come. Be prepared when you see things in this colour available at your favorite interior decor stores, shops and boutiques. Though you should never redo anything in your home based on a trend, but if you really love the colour and you are looking for ways to update the home anywhere, you can find personalised ways to work it into your living and working space.

Warm Neutral Colours

Gone are the days of cool greys and clear-cut whites. Robust browns, mellow tans and beachy whites are taking over. There is also an uptick on bright and bold colours in decor accessories like artwork, wall edging and trim.

Tone-On-Tone Layering

This is a fashion trend that has made its way into the world of interior design. Instead of scattering many colours around your house, you can just pick one colour and vary the tones. This interior design technique adds visual interest to your space without sensory overload. Tone-on-tone layering does not have to deal solely deal with colours as you can also layer your window treatments like combining shades and drapery.

Nature-Inspired Fabrics

People are looking for ways to bring the outdoors indoors, so this window treatment trend is taking off. These fabrics have designs like leaves and branches which is a fun and modern take on the classic floral prints. Before you go buying green decor accessories, keep in mind that though these fabrics are garden-inspired, that does not mean that they are only green. These patterns and designs can come in a variety of different colours.

Pastel Neutrals

These colors include soft coral, blush, lavender and almost invisible mint green just to name a few. Pastel neutrals are a great alternative to the typical neutrals. Instead of going for white or tan window treatment, you could reach for a pastel neutral for an interior design surprise.

Unpredictable Design Statements

Instead of going for the typical window treatments, go for something bold and unpredictable. This can be anything from unique pleating to different folds or cutouts. Bold design statements can also be found in fabric. Keep in mind that you do not want your space to look too busy or oversaturated as you want to keep things chic and cohesive.

Natural Materials

The use of natural materials like untreated wood, bamboo and rattan in interior design has also shown an uptick. There is also an increase in the use of natural fibers like hemp, reeds and grasses. People are becoming more cognizant of where and how their materials are made and a lot of people are only interested in sustainability. With the use of natural materials like woven woods, bamboo and rattan a new variety of textures also come into play for window treatments. These can be used alone or with decorative side panels and elegant top treatments. The use of natural materials opens up a new way to decorate.

Farmhouse And English Country Interior Design Styles

With the increase in natural materials and nature-inspired designs, it is no wonder the blending of the farmhouse and English country design styles are going up in popularity. The farmhouse design embraces rustic and untreated woods and homey, domestic accessories, therefore, creating a cozy and relaxed environment. With English country interior design, the focus is on flora and fauna indoors with things like captivating pastels and floral patterns. It definitely makes you feel like you are living in a cottage in the middle of a garden. Both these styles pair perfectly with some of the other trends mentioned. The blending of these two styles creates something traditional yet urban and contemporary.

Colour Blocking

The technique of color blocking is used for soft window treatments to add contrast and dimension to a window treatment, making it and your design more interesting. In order to achieve this look sometimes for drapes, curtains or fabric window shades, two fabrics can be used together and they can either be two solid contrasting colors or you can use a patterned material. Whatever you do, just make sure that you keep the ratio of each fabric in mind. Stick to thirds and fifths when using color blocking otherwise it defeats the whole purpose.

Color blocking your window treatments allows you to play with the other interior design elements, allowing you to play with accent colors and accessories. You can add a splash of whatever color your heart desires. That is it!

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