Desktop organisation with Bisley

I find that I’m always at odds with creating a working space that’s conducive to ‘working’.

By that I mean, a place that actually helps me become more productive by keeping me organised.

I’ve found that I can never have too many notebooks, drawers and pens…but they’re no good if they’re not working as they should do. If I don’t like the size of a notebook, I won’t use it, if I don’t like the way that a pen writes, then I probably won’t use it and if a drawer is not serving it’s purpose, I won’t use it!

This is where this 12 series MultiDrawer from Bisley is the perfect addition to my desktop. Now you might recognise this as quite a well known office brand and I know that I’ve seen their filing cabinets and drawers in every workplace that I’ve ever worked in.

Yet I’ve never thought of owning any in my own home, until I saw this pink shade.

They come in varying sizes but seeing as I already have a stand alone cabinet, I wanted something that was more compact but just as useful. In fact, more useful, because it’s not too bulky.

Each drawer is fully removable, and includes an integrated label holder for simple organisation. The drawers can also be customised with accessories like insert trays – so you can really tailor them to work for you.

It’s now the place that I keep pretty much everything I need to hand.

My laptop sits comfortably in one drawer, I have notebooks in another, hard drives and equipment in another and I’m still left with plenty of room for other essentials that are easy to grab.

I love this iconic design that has had a refresh with some vibrant colours. It’s definitely the most useful feature on my desk, as well as being something that will last for years and years.

Nb. I was sent this 12 series MultiDrawer from Bisley for the purpose of this feature. All views and opinions remain my own.