My thoughts on Beauty Pie now

After much deliberation, I finally took the plunge and joined up to become a member of Beauty Pie last year.  As it’s been a few months now since joining, I thought I’d give a more balanced view on my experience and whether I still think it lives up to the hype…

What are my thoughts on Beauty Pie now

I’ve managed to work my way through a fair few items that I’ve popped on my wish list since last year and have a good feel of the products now. I tend to order every other month, but occasionally I will order a couple of months in a row, depending on what products I need and what new items might have landed in their warehouse.

I most definitely still look forward to placing an order and receiving the delivery of my pink box!

My favourite products

As I’m still working my way through the different ranges and have only made a few repeat purchases. I’m at the stage now where I have some firm favourites that I’ll keep reordering in the future, but for now, there are still too many new things to try. In case you’re wondering, I’ve ordered the Uber Youth Eye Cream, Japanfusion Power Elixir Moisturiser and the Jeju Daily Face Wash twice now. The second eye cream was for my husband though, as he tried my original pot and found it agrees with his sensitive eyes.

The cleansers

I started out with the Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser which is a pleasure to use, but it didn’t last me that long. It’s gel consistency that turns to oil as you rub it on your face, which then turns milky once you’ve added water. It’s quite effective at removing eye makeup, but I prefer to do this before using it. I’d definitely be happy to reorder but I prefer the ease of the Jeju cleanser pump.

On my second order I picked up the Plantastic Balm which was lovely to use as part of a double cleanse with the Japanfusion cleanser. Unfortunately I got a little bit carried away with the products when I first placed my orders and I managed to damage my skin barrier and I think the balm was a little too much at the time, so I always use it every now and then now when I remember. It contains Vitamin E which apparently can react with your if you’re using a few too many products.

I think most people just straight in with all the products and want to slap them all on. It’s a bit like when you buy loads of nice food – you want to try a bit of everything! If you can though, stick with the same products for a bit and don’t try and mix actives that shouldn’t be paired together. That way, if your skin reacts, you will be able to identify what might be causing a reaction.

I’m currently using the Jeju Daily Cleanser which is the lightest of them all. It has a lovely fresh scent, comes in a pump dispenser that’s so quick and easy to use and it’s lasted me a fair while now, so it’s definitely my favourite of them all.

The creams

The first Japanfusion cream I tried was the Power Elixir Moisturiser and it’s still my firm favourite, so much so that I’ve just reordered it. For me the consistency is just right (quite thick and silky, with almost a gel like texture), it smells lovely and it makes my skin feel really nourished and glowy.

The SHS Anti Ageing Cream was really disappointing for me. I saw no improvement in my skin whatsoever and although it was a nice cream to use, the lack of scent and indulgence factor made it feel like a real waste of my allowance.

The Pure Oxygen Cream seemed to get lots of rave reviews and votes on the Facebook Beauty Pie Community Page, so I was keen to try it. It smells lovely, some say a floral scent but for me it smells quite fresh like cucumber. The texture of the moisturiser is lovely and similar to the Japanfusion Elixir and it sinks into the skin really well. I didn’t see any amazing effects though sadly and sometimes it made my skin tingle a bit after application – and I don’t have sensitive skin. It’s a nice cream but I won’t be reordering.

The cheapest of the lot is the SHS lotion that is packaged in a tube with no frills. It’s a fairly thick unscented cream that is lovely and moisturising. It’s just very ordinary but does the job. If I run out of cream and I don’t want to spend out on expensive pot, then I will certainly reorder this one again.

I may try the Jeju AM/PM cream next as it does seem to be very popular, but the fact that the texture is more solid and you need to warm it in your hands seems to put me off slightly. I could be proved wrong though and love it, so I’ll no doubt order it at some point.

I bought the Super Retinol Night Moisturiser with my first order after reading that everyone over 35 should be using retinol. This tube lasted me a while as I only used it every few days. The cream goes on really well and sinks in nicely, it just didn’t really do an awful lot for my skin. This was probably down to the fact that I didn’t use it enough…but I also wasn’t keen on the smell.

We all now know about the importance of sunscreen and especially so for our faces. The SHS Ultralight UVA/UVB SPF 50 Sunscreen and Primer was one of my first buys and it’s seen me through the summer (or lack of summer!). It’s super light and acts as a great primer as it states. I also sometimes just put this on after serum in the mornings and skip moisturiser.

The serums

I had high hopes for the Superdrops Flash Facelift, but after using an entire bottle, I didn’t see any noticeable change at all. The consistency is very watery, which makes it tricky to apply and it was just very underwhelming really. It’s one of those that works for some and not for others.

The Triple Hyaluronic Serum was much easier to apply and my face did appear brighter after using it. It was a pleasure to use and I whizzed through the pot in a month using it more or less morning and night.

I’d had the Plantastic Micropeeling Drops on my wish list for months and for some reason, always decided on something else instead. I had been keen to try them for the pores on my nose and the fact that it’s good for treating breakouts and for evening your skin tone. Well I wish I’d tried it sooner! I love using it and already I can see that my skin is looking clearer. Smells are a big thing for me and this reminds me of wet wipes that used to come in big tubs when I was a kid. It’s just a really nice fresh smell and it smooths onto the skin really nicely too.

A serum I had been meaning to try was the Japanfusion Genius Lift Elixir that was hyped when it was released a few months ago. I actually really like this serum, even though the pot is rather dinky. You don’t need a lot however, as it does spread quite well. It’s quite sticky and does take a while for the tacky feeling to go, but I do rate this serum for achieving a glow.

The Super Retinol Serum is a great addition to your skincare routine. Again the retinol factor didn’t really garner any results for me, but it was a lovely serum to apply (again, has a strange smell) and it lasted a few months as I only used it every few days.

Many people recommended the Superdose Vitamin C Capsules to me and I would say that they’re the least used of all the products I have bought. You need at least two capsules to cover your face and neck properly, they’re a bit of a faff to be honest and they make my skin sting. I’ve tried using them on problem areas and a patch of hyperpigmentation on my skin, but they have done nothing so far!

Eye creams

I was really keen to order the Super Retinol Eye Cream and see what effects it had under my eyes. I don’t expect any miracles with my dark circles but I was hoping for some improvement. All seemed fine for a couple of weeks until my under eyes became dry and red. The retinol was definitely to blame and after a few days of letting them settle down, the redness soon diminished. I have been told that this can happen with retinol and that you should reintroduce it more sparingly, but I wasn’t willing to let that happen again, so this cream gets a big thumbs down from me. Beauty Pie were very good about it though and refunded my allowance that I’d spent on getting it.

A few months ago I suffered my very first black eye (thanks to my daughter head butting my cheek) and the Ceramide Eye Roller was a godsend to use. To soothe my eye I popped it in the fridge so that I could roller it on really cold. It glides on really well and it’s a great one to pop in your bag if you want to freshen up you eyes a bit. No immediate wow factor though…I think I’m expecting a bit too much.

The Uber Youth Eye Cream was the first eye cream I tried and it’s the one I reorder. It’s a thick consistency and a little goes a long way. Once again, no amazing effects but it’s a lovely cream to put on and it moisturises well too.

My latest buy is the Hyaluronic Eye Cream. This cream is much lighter that the uber youth and application is quick and easy. I use it morning and night too. For the morning it’s quick to dry, making makeup application easier and I also include my eyelid too, which seems to make eyeshadow have more staying power too.


I purchased the Hydra Prep after my Beauty Pie Consultation, as it was recommended in part of my cleansing regime. The first thing I noticed with this bottle is that it’s not easy to apply the lotion. If you pour it onto a cotton pad, most is absorbed by the pad and if you pour some into your hand, it’s difficult to get it successfully on your face. Most reviews comment on the design flaw, so if you have a spray bottle to decant it into, then it’ll work better for you. Used properly as part of your routine, it’s really effective with ensuring all of you products are working their best. I don’t often use it because of the faff to apply and the time I have to wait for it to dry before applying serums and creams.

My first ever Beauty Pie order contained a pot of Dr Glycolic Pads. I went straight in using them and could instantly feel them working on my skin. I was a little too eager though and used them a couple of days in a row and managed to damage my skin barrier around the sides and under my nose. After that I realised that it’s a product that I should only be using every now and then and to certainly avoid around my nose. What is great about the pads though is that once you’ve used them your skin appears smoother and slightly flush, so it’s a great way to give your complexion a boost for the day.

What I still want to try

There are of course still loads of products that I want to try but a few of the main contenders for my next order are the Superdrops Brightening Niacinamide, the Ceramide Capsules and the Plantastic Overnight Oil.

Beauty Pie

I have missed out the makeup products that I have bought as they’re another post in their own right. I’ll include them in another post soon.  Now I’ve listed all of my buys, I’ve realised how much I’ve spent since joining up! I wasn’t someone that spent lots of money on skincare before, mainly because my regime was very minimal – I simply cleansed and moisturised.  I’m spending more now because I’ve incorporated serums and other treatments and now I’ve started, I don’t want to take a step back.

Will I keep my subscription?

It’s a resounding yes now that they have launched Beauty Pie Plus to existing members! For £59 a year you can now have up to £3600 spending allowance for the year. It means no more having to stick within your allowance and having to wait month upon month, sometimes more.

My annual membership ends in December and it’s cost me no more to upgrade to the Plus membership. They simply work out what allowance you have left pro rata, so mine worked out to be £900 allowance available until I renew in December. When I joined in December last year, it cost £99 for £100 allowance a month, so it’s an absolute no brainer to upgrade. Of course now I want to buy it all and I probably would if I could afford it…