Review: Wooden playhouse of dreams

When I was little, I would have been thrilled to have had a big proper ‘wendy house’ in my garden in the form of this wooden playhouse.  A place to indulge my inner homebody and let my creativity run wild.

Wooden playhouse of dreams

A playhouse in the garden is something that all kids will appreciate and acts as a little haven that they can call their own and a place that they can use their imagination in and since Georgie turned two, it’s been her little sanctuary.

wooden playhouse

With Georgie turning two, we wanted to get her something that could used for years to come. Two is that age where you just don’t know what might appeal, knowing that sometimes the box is more appealing than the expensive toy that lies within.

She likes her dolls and toys (sometimes), she loves to dress up in her own clothes and also everyone else’s in the house but more than anything she loves to play with her brothers and have their sole attention.

This is where the Crooked Penthouse Wooden Playhouse is PERFECT.  She gets to play in her very own little house (that is Georgie sized), she can dress up and take her toys in there and have her brothers around to provide entertainment too.

I can look out of the kitchen window and see her pottering around in her little house. If I call her name, she will often press her little nose to the window in the door and shout ‘hello’ while waving.  It’s quite simply adorable!

wooden playhouse

What I love is the fact that she has taken to the slide, even flipping onto her front to slide down backwards. This comes from a little girl who is always reluctant to use the slides at the park. It appears that having one in the safety of her own garden, has given her some confidence to try it out.

The house is so easy to make homely with the two window boxes that we can always decorate with flowers throughout the seasons, a postbox for special letters and a chalkboard sign for giving it a personal touch.

If you’re looking for something that will entertain your kids throughout the year, then look no further than a playhouse like this.

The house is made of fir wood and is pre-painted with a hardwearing wood stain. It takes all of the hassle out of having to paint it yourself and the colour looks beautiful in our garden.

The house arrived flat packed in 6 boxes ready for assembly. It did take my husband a fair few hours to put it together and we felt that the instructions could have been made a little clearer, especially when it came to the numbering and lettering of screws. As we chose the penthouse one, it comprised of two sets of screws, one being the base and the other the actual house and it wasn’t apparent which were for which.  It wouldn’t have been possible (or extremely difficult) without a powered screw driver too – so worth bearing in mind before building.

We chose this particular playhouse because it’s raised from the ground. We realised that this was the most practical design for our garden, meaning we can maintain the grass without creating a boggy area when it’s removed. It just so happens to mean that it features steps and a slide too, which is an added bonus.

To really get a feel of the playhouse and what magic it can bring to your garden then you can see Georgie getting to explore her new playhouse for the very first time here…

Nb. We were sent the Crooked Penthouse Wooden Playhouse for review but all views and opinions remain entirely our own.