Why we love Lanzarote for a family holiday

Last year we went on our first proper holiday as five and it was most definitely one of those holidays that will stay with us for a long time.  We hadn’t anticipated going anywhere at all but we were fortunate enough to be gifted some money from a family member and we knew that a getaway was what we needed.

I had been to Lanzarote as a child and had fond memories of the island and knew instantly that it would be one of the top destinations (within our budget) that I wanted to go to with my family. Apart from it being a beautiful island, it appealed to us particularly because of the fact that the climate there stays relatively warm all year round.

With Georgie only being 9 months old at the time, we knew straight away that we wanted a resort that was all inclusive and would have everything that we would need close by. After some research we opted to stay at the Sandos Papagayo Hotel in Playa Blanca.

It was a great resort that suited us well and although the beach wasn’t what we were led to believe it would be, we still enjoyed spending time going down there.

The boys enjoyed the rock pools on the by beach down from our hotel.  There was also walkway along the coast which provided some amazing views and led to a marina.

There were lots of excursions that we would have liked to have taken the boys on but we chose to stay local the hotel when we were there, mainly because Georgie was not a happy traveller at the time.

When we return again, we of course would like to do all of the usual sight seeing that you would expect when visiting Lanzarote, including a trip to the volcanoes and one of the water parks.

The boys by far were happiest just hanging out in the pool during the day time. Having met a group of friends fairly quickly, they loved nothing more than grabbing a slushy or ice cream together in between jumping in and out of the pool.  The fact that they could play safely with friends with us being able to look on, made for a much more relaxing holiday for my husband and I.

I even managed read a couple of books during our stay, in between Georgie’s naps.

We enjoyed the lovely balmy evenings and generally just went with the flow.

When we ask the boys where they would choose to go on holiday, they always choose Lanzarote as their top choice. Unfortunately they think that all of their friends will be back at that hotel, if we were to visit again. The thing is with places like this, you know that they kids are always guaranteed to have a good time with the pools and entertainment and will no doubt make friends on each occasion.

Holidaying with kids can be anything but relaxing but we found that if everyone managed to do something that they liked each day, it makes for a much happier bunch. It was chaotic at times but we came home happy and full of wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

Nb. Collaborative post.