Wayfair: The reading nook

Now that the weather has started to turn a bit nippy, my thoughts quickly turn to how I can make home that little bit cosier.

The candles come straight out, along with all the throws and fairy lights. I love this time of year before it really starts to get cold, but the nights are starting to draw in…

Recently Wayfair challenged me, along with some other bloggers, to add some autumnal touches to my home.

I knew instantly that the room that would benefit the most from this would be the lounge. It’s by far my favourite room and the focal point of our house and it’s also the room that I put most of my efforts into.

Ever since we moved in over nine months ago, I’ve had the corner to the left of the fireplace earmarked as a ‘reading nook’. Having been on the look out for the ideal chair in yellow to fill that space for some time, I finally came to the conclusion that yellow probably wasn’t the right colour to be opting for and I might get fed up of the shade. In the end I figured that grey would be a much better option, not to mention there was much more choice available.


This classic grey chair seamlessly fits into the room and fits the space perfectly. It’s also extremely comfortable as well as looking lovely and stylish.

The addition of a throw and a luxurious crushed velvet cushion in ochre, fits in well with our current yellow and grey theme, adding a deeper shade to the mix for autumn.

I’d been admiring this talisman lamp having originally wanted one for my bedside light. I love the vintage look of the bulb and the simplicity of the design.

It emits a lovely glow that is bright enough for reading but just right to add some warmth to the corner of the room when relaxing on the sofa. I’ve always preferred ambient lighting in rooms all year round as it’s much more relaxing (I hate big ceiling lights!) and I’m always looking for new twinkly lights to add around the house.

Not only is it my little space to sit with a cuppa and a book but it’s also becoming a favourite spot for my eldest to sit in too. He’s a complete bookworm but can sometimes need reminding to switch off from the tv or computer and having this designated chair, is somewhat of a novelty at the moment and working a treat.

I also changed the position of this yellow cotton rug that I bought a while back. It makes much more sense to be around the fireplace and the reading corner, bringing all of the autumnal yellow shades together and feeling much cosier underfoot too.

I’m so pleased with the reading nook that I have created and it’s everything that I envisioned it would be. Some things are worth waiting for and this was definitely one of them.