New revamped Little Dish meals

Over the last few months Beastie has been busy fulfilling his role as a Little Dish Tiny Taster. He has tried lots of delicious meals, some new dishes and the rest simply made even more tasty. He completed his first mission back in May and he was a busy boy trying out the new and improved meals along with his little friends.

He also had another mission afterwards which was a little different but our lips are sealed for now. Hopefully we will be able to divulge some news soon!

So the new meals are now available in the supermarkets, not only are they pretty scrummy but they have some super cute packaging to go along with them too. Meet the Little Dish Zoo Crew. Each recipe features it’s own colourful character along with a fun activity on the inside of the sleeve.

Not only do the meals now sport a more groovy look to them they are as always made with 100% natural ingredients (you’d find in your own kitchen) and have no added salt or sugar. Healthy , natural and now lots of fun too.

As ever the meals are a hit with Beastie but not only that he loves choosing which meal he wants. The characters and pictures really appeal to his imagination as well as the activities printed inside the packaging. It’s handy that he likes to keep his crayons on his little dinner table, perfect for doodling after he has eaten.

If you haven’t tried the new and improved meals then you can get them from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Tesco, Ocado and Morrisons.

Here are a selection of the new look packaging and what you might find inside the sleeve…


Nb. The meals above were provided courtesy of Little Dish for Beastie to see and try since the Tiny Tasters mission.