Wayfair Teepee

Summer fun in the garden: Ideas to keep the kids outdoors

The weather lately has been absolutely lovely and of course has meant that we’ve been outdoors much more. I’m very much a homebody but being stuck inside the house during the colder months can start to get a little too much.

It’s so much nicer to be able to spread out into the garden and utilise the space out there, even if you don’t have a very big space. We used to live in a flat with a balcony that only saw a tiny glimpse of the sun in the morning and I always hated it during the summertime.

As a result I fully appreciate the outdoor space we have now and I make sure that our children appreciate it too. They are always so much happier out in the fresh air and I can keep my eye on them easily from the house, even if at times they might need a gentle shove to go actually outside!

When the weather is miserable, it’s all too easy for kids to sit in front of computer screens and watch the television. What I love about being outside, is that they have to get creative to have fun and it’s when they are truly enjoying their childhood. It should be about making dens and playing outdoor sports, rather than being ruled by the latest computer gaming craze. I also find that they actually get on much better when they’re not fighting over screen time.

Ideas to get your kids outdoors

Think of lazy summer days, sat with a glass in hand, while your kids happily play in the safety of your own garden…

Here are some tips:

Have something that they all can play on.

We recently bought a trampoline for our boys and it’s become quite an attraction in our garden. Unless it’s pouring with rain, it’s always an option for them to use. There have been many days where they have been casually chatting with their friends while they bounce, playing games on it and even going out for a quick bounce in their pyjama’s! Trampoline’s are always a crowd pleaser (they’re also quite handy for a spot of sunbathing too…if you can get a look in).

Wayfair trampoline

Provide a hideout and some shelter.

Kids love pottering about and playhouses are always popular. These are great because they will keep toddlers more than happy but also provide a little hide out den for older kids. You’ve also got some shade from the sun and a cooler place to hang out on those really warm days.

We don’t have a playhouse but if we did, we’d get one just like this. It would be be also so much fun to paint!


Wayfair playhouse

If you want something that is a little smaller, then a teepee or a pop up tent is a good option that can be stored away when not in use.

Wayfair Teepee

Create some educational fun.

How many times do you hear your kids say that they’re bored?

When they don’t manage to come up with imaginative play themselves, give them a helping hand with some games to play on your lawn or patio. Make it a game that they’ll want to pull out time and time again.

I love supersize games like dominoes, snakes and ladders and jenga. Classic games but on a grand scale!

Wayfair giant dominoes

Finally you can always keep it simple by playing a game of pick up sticks. Sometimes the simple things keep them amused the longest.

Wayfair pick up sticks

All we need is the good old British weather to stay warm, rather than wet this summer!