The sleep kit for sweet dreams…

I’ve been pining for a good nights sleep for a while now. In fact, you don’t realise how much you take sleep for granted until you have had children. I was never one for major lie ins and was always cursed with waking up early with a hangover that meant I could never fully sleep it off. What I did know was that I could usually make up for it the following night and would usually sleep soundly and I’d be feeling back to my normal self again.

My youngest child is a challenge to get to bed and he simply won’t settle unless he is tired and ready to sleep. No amount of convincing works with him and I’ll admit that he has me well and truly wrapped around his finger. He’s also a fan of bed hopping and this is something that we’re actively trying to nip in the bud. Progress has been made as where once he would stand crying on the spot when told to go back to his room, he now grumbles and returns to his bed, even ensuring that he closes the door on his way out. Each trip back usually holds a request of some generic cialis does not work sort, whether it’s needing water or he needs a wee and his nappy removing (thanks to potty training). Nothing is ever urgent, he’s just becoming clever with his ‘excuses’ for coming in to wake me up.

We’re making headway but this is not proving to be conducive to a good nights sleep for anyone and two to three visits a night is becoming more disruptive than sleeping with a wriggly child who sticks their feet in your back.

So when I received a surprise package containing luxury items to help me get some much needed sleep, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I still have a small child who defies sleep at every turn but if I can at least go to bed feeling a little more relaxed then that leads to a happier me.

DSC_6093 DSC_6104 DSC_6123

Thank you Pampers for delivering a box of beautiful sleep aids and for of course keeping my son dry throughout his numerous visits during the small hours. Parents are sharing their Pearls of Wisdom to help babies sleep over on the Pampers Facebook page and they’re also tweeting @Pampers_UK with the hashtag #babysleep. Sometimes someone elses tips might just do the trick! In the meantime I’m still searching…