Simple ways to help you sleep better

I don’t know about you but I’m always on the look out for ways to help me sleep better.

Sometimes it’s about keeping things simple but occasionally you need something a little extra to help you drift off.

So in my quest to get a better nights sleep, I’ve been doing some research into what is supposed to help send you off to the land of nod and have tried some out myself too.

Keep your bedroom clutter free and minimalistic

This is what I always aim to do but I find that clutter easily creeps in if I’m not careful. The kids can also use our room as a dumping ground for their toys and fairly quickly it can look messy and not the tranquil place it should be.

So clear away all the clutter on top of surfaces and put everything away in the drawers and storage that you have. Only leave the essentials out and items that are not practical to be put away.

You’ll instantly feel calmer.

Prioritise your bed

Yes, make your actual bed the main focus of your room. If your mattress is not as comfortable as it should be, then look for an alternative. Lots of people have trouble getting to sleep on mattresses that have seen better days and leave you waking up with aches and pains. Sleep is so important and your mattress needs to be fit for purpose.

Don’t scrimp on getting new pillows either from time to time and make sure that you have enough pillows to induce a good nights rest. I’ve had so many nights in hotels where I struggle to find the right combination of pillows depending on their firmness! We’ve been guilty of just making do with pillows that should have seen the bin years ago.

Don’t forget about the bedding too. It goes without saying that clean sheets are one of life’s little luxuries but don’t forget about the actual duvet set itself. My favourite set is a crisp white set with a waffle texture (meaning that I can get away without ironing it) that is so so soft.

Think about using sleep aids

With all the will in the world and the right environment, sometimes it’s just hard to switch off isn’t it? This is where aids to help you fall asleep sooner are worth looking into.

The dodow is a really clever little gadget that seamlessly fits onto your bedside table.  It emits three beams of blue light onto the ceiling. The movement of the light gradually reduces your breathing rate, helping you to fall asleep faster. On average it helps you nod off 2.5 times quicker than usual and particularly benefits anyone who has issues with falling asleep. It’s also particularly good for keeping your mind off of things that might be whurring around in your head.

I originally thought this would be a great idea for my insomniac husband but he didn’t have the patience to let it work – which is a shame! I found it a little strange to get used to but I’ve actually got into the hang of switching it on when I have nights when I know I’m going to struggle to sleep.

Another alternative is The Infinity Cube which features star like LEDs to create a celestial illusion. If you don’t like sleeping in darkness then this a great option to use and gives you something to focus on. My son actually uses this in his room as an alternative to a night light. It’s such a gentle light too that it’s not noticeable in other rooms.

The power of scents

Having the right concoction of smells in your room can really trigger your senses. Such as this tranquility candle with lavender, sweet basil and jasmine from Neom and pulse point roll ons like the aromatherapy oils from Tisserand.

Don’t forget about the decor

Again, I’m all about keeping it minimal but also giving your room some more personal touches can instantly make you feel more relaxed and calm.

It’s always nice to surround yourself with the things you love and your room  So clear away the clutter and put some things up on the wall that make your room feel relaxed. I love this botanical print that works well with my plant.

It’s from the Plant Life range at Mode Prints and I was instantly drawn to this one which is called ‘Monstera Girl‘. being that is my favourite plant, I knew this one was for me but there is a whole range of them and I would love to get a collection of them and put them all on one wall together.

Get some plants

I love anything botanical and love the look of plants in the bedroom but until recently, I was under the impression that it’s bad for you to put house plants in a place where you sleep – something to do with them taking too much oxygen.

So I decided to look into it a little more seeing as I’ve seen that so many people have plants in their bedroom and apparently plants produce far less CO2 than humans and pets – in fact it’s much less harmful than sleeping next to your partner.

Once I’d looked into this, I was happy to set about finding a plant for the room. Then I came across lots of articles about the best plants to have in your bedroom to help aid sleep – again something I never knew. This post about the 8 plants you should have in your bedroom really helped me choose which type of plant to go for. I opted for a Peace Lily which purifies the air by removing toxins and increases the humidity of the air which could help reduce allergies and ease dry throats or sinus problems. I liked the sound of that and I’ve always loved them, knowing that they’re fairly easy to keep alive too!

Drink well

Did you know that even mild dehydration can disrupt your sleep? It can leave your mouth and nasal passages dry -leading to snoring and a dry throat. It also means that you’ll feel more lethargic the next day, meaning you’re not going to be quite as on the ball as you should be. Drink well throughout the day but don’t go mad before bedtime and don’t drink caffeine too late. I had a cup of tea at 10.30 pm and I had such a restless night…

Read before bed

This is one that I actually try and do when I can. I’ve always found that it makes me really sleepy if I’m reading a book that I’m engrossed in. I can practically be reading while my eyelids are shutting and it always seems to ease the transition from being awake to asleep. My mind is occupied with the story, which means that I’m not worrying about day to day life. It’s a little bit of escapism before you sleep and I think it works wonders.

Turn off your phone/tablet

This is something that I’m guilty of every night. The ‘blue’ light that is emitted from the screens is ultimately confusing our brains as to what time of day it is and stops us producing melatonin that helps us going to sleep. So if you need to check your phone, make sure that it’s not directly before you go to bed.

I hope you’ve gathered some tips from this list and that you manage to create a haven to sleep in – you deserve it!

Nb. Some items were provided for the purpose of this post and mentioned.