Bump Diary: 38 weeks



I will only have one more bump diary entry after this and the pregnancy journey will be nearing to a close, already. The start to week 38 hasn’t been such a great one and is the reason I am posting it a day late (not that I ever needed an excuse to be late!).

Yesterday started off like any other day only for me to start getting blurry vision around lunchtime. A couple of weeks ago I had something similar happen and I simply had to abandon the tv and computer screens and have a lie down, hoping that the visual disturbance would pass. I wrote about it here in my last bump diary entry. It did pass and I had a slight headache afterwards followed by an early night. I put it down to a migraine at the time and figured I had probably been rushing about a bit too much and it had dissipated the next day.

Again I took myself off for a lie down yesterday afternoon, whilst Beastie was also sleeping and hoped that it would resolve itself with a little rest. I managed to drag myself up when Beastie rose from his slumber and I must say he was very good to me and understood that I wasn’t feeling very well. It was a relief when my husband came home from work and took over the reins to bath Beastie. It’s not often that I can’t keep ploughing ahead but last night I knew I had to get myself to bed early and try and get some peace and quiet. I managed to sleep until about 2 am when I awoke to a terrific side splitting headache. Nothing seemed to make it easier and I was crying with the intensity of the pain, having not been used to a headache so strong. I am always aware that crying will always make your headache worse but sometimes you just can’t help it, you need the release.

I was worrying about all sorts (as you do) when lying there wide awake. I was wondering what my blood pressure might be reading and whether I could possibly have pre-eclampsia? all the mad thoughts that run through your head whilst lying alone in the dark wishing for morning to hurry up. Beastie also jumped into our bed around this time, snuffling with his cold and I didn’t have the energy to try and move him, so I moved into his bed! I could quite happily move into his bed, it’s so comfortable. That was as far as the comfort went though and I managed maybe an hour or two of sleep. So today I feel like I have been hit by a truck but I am at least feeling better than yesterday.

One blessing was that I had my 38 week midwife check this morning, so the timing couldn’t have been better. First of all my midwife didn’t seem remotely bothered about my thunderous headache and went ahead to check all the usual readings. My blood pressure was fine, low in fact and I had traces of things in my urine but nothing to suggest I have anything to worry about. Of course I was relieved that all values appeared within the normal limits but it always feels like the midwife doesn’t have a lot of positive advice to give when she sends me away, lovely as she is.

I am being spoilt today as my husband has taken the day off to look after me. So I really am not lifting a finger in any sense, apart from some gentle tapping away on this laptop! Physically I need to slow down and try and keep a little calmer, I think stress is beginning to build up and this might be the reasons behind my migraine episodes. So I have been given my orders and I hope to be feeling a little more human tomorrow 🙂