Mamas and Papas Confident You Campaign

The Confident You Campaign is something that all mums can relate to, whether it’s your first baby or your fifth! Having a baby changes the dynamics in your life in lots of different ways, some you are prepared for and some can come as a complete surprise.

Mamas and Papas recently completed a national survey of roughly around 2000 new mums about their health and fitness attitudes. Based on previous research, they found that their target audience of mums who are 25-34, are worried about their personal appearance and weight. They are inclined to do activities to stay fit, but find it hard to manage their time around family life and as a result, they often skip meals or eat unhealthy. Their research found some interesting results, which shows that actually the new generation of mums are very active in the diets and exercise – post pregnancy. See what Mamas and Papas found with the Confident You survey.

Since becoming a mum myself, I can relate to a lot of the findings. On a personal level, I know that I have at times struggled with my appearance, what I should and shouldn’t be eating, while at the same time trying to look after children. My kids pretty much always trump my needs but that’s the sacrifice I am happy to make while they are still fairly small. I’m still trying to find the elusive balance, however, I don’t let that defeat me and I’m always striving to keep us healthy as a family.

Having children definitely makes you look at your own diet. Not only do you want them to have nutritious food but you also have an example to set as well as having the energy to keep up with them. I also feel that despite not actually doing any proper exercise *cough* I’m fitter than pre-children , simply as I’m running around after them. My life was much more sedentary before!