Snow and bobble hats

We’ve had a really busy few months since we moved house. It’s been a whirlwind of planning, packing, moving, sorting, broken boilers and prolonged illness. It recently occurred to me that we really haven’t had chance to properly relax and enjoy our new surroundings. Maybe that will happen sometime in the next few weeks.

I hate January, I always have and I always will. Besides January being the start to the new year and looking forward to what it may bring, I feel it just brings financial strain, bad weather and poor health and it just drags on forever! I can look forward now as we are at least in February (yay!) and I’m past that month.

So you have gathered I hate January and the cold by now and what about snow? Well it’s a nuisance and I don’t like it sticking around for long but I do love how pretty everything becomes when we have some snowfall. I can’t not be happy to see the delight on my boys faces when they clock the fact that it’s actually snowed and run to the windows, like it’s Christmas morning. I remember the excitement and the desperation to get all wrapped up and wade out in the snow. Sadly we haven’t had the type of ‘wading’ snow we need for a snowman but I suppose there is still time yet.

While my eldest was thrilled to be going into school, my little boy had wide eyes while exploring the golf course that is opposite our house. It’s often hard to persuade him to wrap up when it’s cold and he pulls gloves off so much, little old ladies approach me about his cold wee hands. He’s stubborn to say the least but for once he didn’t complain about wearing his bobble hate and gloves. We just need a little more snow to be able to go sledging…

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