The Holiday Edit

We’re actually going on holiday, like really soon. The first holiday as a family of five and hopefully a week of wall to wall sun! Although I hope that I haven’t jinxed it by saying that now.

I actually prefer going away at this time of the year, as the shops are all geared up for the holiday season. I’ve always hated the fact that the summer stock starts to disappear before summer has even really begun. You can be going away in July but the sales have started and the Autumn stock is slowly infiltrating the racks and sometimes you’re hard pushed to find a bikini, what’s that all about? It’s madness.

I hit the shops for a few more bits and bobs yesterday and already there were rails of reduced holiday clobber. It’s best to get organised and get your gear ready in advance but half of the fun is going shopping on the run up to your holiday but it would seem that you need to buy your summer wardrobe and lock it away for three months!

Having my birthday in mid July, I’ve never enjoyed the sales. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bargain, but it’s never usually the stuff that I would want to buy. There have been many a birthday, where a giftcard has been burning a hole in my purse, unspent because the shops are full of stock from seasons gone by. I always see things that I want until I have a giftcard…

So a major fun part of preparing for a holiday has got to be planning the outfits. I’ve been buying things in dribs and drabs as I’ve seen them and built up a collection of pieces that can be mixed and matched a bit as well.

I’m someone that overpacks for every eventuality. I have to have an outfit in mind for each evening as well as considering what clothing to wear when out and about in the day that require more than a bikini and flipflops. I’ll then think about whether I might be able to wash items and whether I should perhaps take extra things so that I have a ‘choice’ should I need it. Of course none of this is ever practical when it comes to packing the suitcase and I always have to remember that I need to leave room for little people’s outfits too.

I think this has to be the first time that I’ve really reined in my spending for a trip away, partly due to funds and also realising that not everything has to be new. Some of my old relics actually still fit really well and does it really matter that they’re not brand spanking new? or have been seen before? nope.

When I was sorting through my wardrobe the other day, to store away jumpers (ha! perhaps prematurely now) and make room for summery wear, I tried on a few outfits while I was at it. I’ve mentioned on Instagram that we’ve been attempting to clean up our diet and that I’ve started exercising too. Well the exercising has pretty much ceased with being busy at the moment but the healthier food choices have obviously made a difference to my shape. I’ve lost weight and some clothes fit differently to how they once did. So although I might still feel a bit flubbery, I know that I can help that by toning and shifting some weight off my stomach and it made me realise again that I need to work on bringing my muscles back together again – or that bloaty looking bit will forever stay.

Still losing some weight, has increased my confidence and in turn, changed the way that I view what to wear. My choices have broadened somewhat.

When I started buying some pieces, I was mindful of the fact that I am still breastfeeding and would need clothes that are suitable. So I kept this in mind for a few weeks until my husband pointed out that I can just return to our hotel room to feed if needs be. It’s not like I have a newborn attached to the boob all of the time and of course this opened up my choices massively, obviously…

Here are a few of my picks, so that I have some new bits to take away. I still have quite a few summery trousers and maxi dresses that I didn’t wear last summer, (being heavily pregnant) so I’m happy to dig them out again to wear. So all in all, I think I’ve managed to be fairly frugal this time around.

Wish us luck on the plane with three!

P5170297 P5170300 P5170309 P5170330

Navy and white stripy dress / £5 – Primark

Georgie wears blue/ecru braces skirt £15 – Next


Salmon pink bardot top / £14.99 – New Look / Aqua denim shorts £5 – Primark / Hat – £4 – Primark / White Saltwater sandals (not new)

P5170357 P5170358

Black feather top / £7.99 H&M / Black pom pom trim shorts / £5 – Primark / Carvela sandals (not new)


Coral vest and pom pom trim shorts / £3.99 and £12.99 – H&M


Denim look floral bikini / Top £7 and bottoms £6 – Sainsburys


Cream mesh cover up / £8 – Primark


Coral and grey stripy bikini / Top £6 and bottoms £5 – Sainsburys

P5170434 P5170442

Cream blouse / £14.99 – H&M / Denim shorts / £5 – Primark / Gold sparkly espadrilles £14 – Sainsburys