Rain or shine? that’s our summer

The weekend just gone was another pleasantly warm one. As we all the know the weather forecasts can be dubious to say the least and sometimes hard to believe when it’s predicted warm weather will head our way. This summer has been so up and down it’s been tricky to plan activities for the summer holidays. One week it’s sweltering and the next week torrential rain. This can make it extremely hard to know what to wear and I have often gone out armed with gear for all eventualities.

Our summer holiday back in June seems like such a long time ago, so long ago in fact it could have been last year. I do like going away earlier in the summer for several reasons. The first being that whilst I still have children under school age I want to make the most of being able to go away outside of the school holidays. The next reason is that it’s not too hot for the children and finally when I look for new items for the holiday the summer stock is still available in the shops. From experience I have found getting supplies for a September holiday sometimes challenging due to the prompt arrival of the Autumn stock.

I find it crazy that summer has barely begun and all the clothes begin to be phased out in the shops. The sales are in full swing in July and most families still have their holidays ahead of them. How many times have you needed a bikini or swimsuit only to find that all the stock has been taken away – in the middle of the summer!

This is when you need a holiday shop where you can still buy all your holiday essentials even when the summer stock is no where to be seen elsewhere. The Summer Clothes from Tesco this year have a wide range of holiday must haves. I have always bought the odd item from supermarkets that have caught my eye and it’s always hard to resist when you do the weekly food shop. Never has it been easier to grab a summer bargain in a convenient place, especially if the sun decides to shine unexpectedly…