The Curse of Cybermummy Eve!

I am having a seriously bad day. Really bad. It started off on the wrong footing and has steadily gone down hill ever since. I am in the safety of my home now thank goodness, I think I need to stay put all day now as it appears to be my Friday the 13th!

So the run of events started when my debit card wouldn’t work in the card machine in a shop (and it was for a refund!) and then when I tried to withdraw some money from a cash machine before paying for the car park to go home. The machine said there was a problem reading my card so I tried another two machines before stropping over to the other side of town to go into my bank. Luckily the lady in Barclays saw I was looking a bit crazed my impatience and confirmed my card was kaputt and ordered a new one for me. I simply had to go to the cashier and get some cash out. She asked how I would like the money and I said it didn’t matter. What a stupid mare, putting £20 in the car park payment machine has not been my brightest idea. I don’t think I have ever had so much change (I never have change) and it took me about ten minutes to retrieve all the money. There was even a man wiping the top of one of the machines and I am sure I heard him sniggering.

Armed with all my change and a frantic search for the ticket I mislaid in my bag once in the car, we popped to Asda to get some nappies. It was heaving but I only wanted just one box of nappies, surely Beastie would be able to manage walking in there with me for just that? Oh no it turned out to be one mighty struggle involving carrying and half dragging him down the aisles. The nappy box broke and there was a tantrum at the till.

I am on my way to chilling out now I have been sat here letting it all out whilst drinking a cup of tea. Tea is my saviour, as long as I get to drink it piping hot! which isn’t very often. After making my cup of tea I then replaced the milk in the fridge rather heavy handed and the lid fell off, milk splashed everywhere in the fridge, the cupboards and my arm. I can literally feel my blood pressure rising.

Any idea of how to break the cycle of events today? is anyone superstitious? The way I see it is that I am getting it all out of the way for tomorrow at Cybermummy. I am hoping it’s a good omen.

As I was finishing off this post I failed to notice that Beastie was casually pouring some olive oil into the water jug for the iron, misjudging it every time *sigh at MORE mess*.

Actually the tea is doing nothing, I need a proper drink now but I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow…

See you all there!