What do mums miss?

What do you miss now you are a mum? I think this topic is always a favourite for mums to talk about. As much as we may adore being a mum, there is no getting away from the fact that we all need to spend some time doing the things we once enjoyed and in my case, took for granted. We can all relate to the findings and I have to agree with all of the top 10. The findings certainly don’t tell us anything we don’t know but it simply highlights the strains that mums can sometimes be under and how simple gestures of help or the odd break here or there really can make a difference.

For me, I miss being able to properly rest when I am feeling poorly, the luxury of shopping without tantrums and tears and being able to spend quality time with my husband.

Lying in bed, uninterrupted nights with their partner and eating out are among the things new mums miss the most after giving birth, a study has revealed. Researchers found that while they surround themselves with their new baby in the first weeks, mums can’t help but miss parts of their ‘old’ life with sleepless nights meaning simply lying in bed is the thing most new mums crave. An uninterrupted conversation with a friend, late nights and being able to change plans at the last minute are also among the things new mums miss.

P&G commissioned a study of 2,000 women and they found that just being able to lie in bed is the main thing they miss in the weeks after having a baby, followed by uninterrupted nights in with their partner.Being able to be spontaneous and change plans at the last minute came third, while an uninterrupted conversation with a friend and being able to eat out, stress-free, completed the top five. A night out with their other half was voted into sixth place, along with going to the cinema and late nights out with friends. Romantic getaways and a relaxing shopping trip with friends were also among the things news mums miss as they adapt to their new role.

Researchers also found that 41 per cent of new mums described the first six weeks after giving birth as ‘a whirlwind’ while another 47 per cent said they were ‘happy but utterly exhausted.’ Just 15 per cent said they felt in control and organised during those first few weeks with their baby. The average mum even admitted they think it took them around 10-and-a-half weeks to settle in to their new role as a parent.

One in four mums said a friend or relative offering to look after their baby so they could have a bit of time to themselves was the most useful thing someone did for them in the weeks after giving birth.

Another 15 per cent were most grateful for a loved one offering to cook a meal for the family while 14 per cent made the most of an offer to help with the cleaning so new mums could make the most of their baby’s first weeks.


Things mums missed in the first few weeks of giving birth…

1. Lying in bed if you are tired

2. Uninterrupted nights in with your partner

3. Opportunity to change ideas and plans at the last minute

4. Conversation with a friend without interruption

5. Eating out

6. Night out with partner

7. Going to the cinema

8. Late nights with friends

9. Romantic escapes

10. Shopping with friends


Things someone did for them during the first 6 weeks after giving birth…

1. Look after the baby so I have some time to myself

2. Cook me and the rest of my family a meal to heat up

3. Do some of the chores/house cleaning

4. Helped with the older children – school run, had them for tea etc

5. Help with the ironing