Summer isn’t over yet…

It’s getting to that time of the year where Autumn is looming. The children are back to school and summer holidays are coming to an end. I would consider myself to be very much a summer person and certainly crave the summer months when we are in the midst of winter, especially when all we have is grey days and endless rain. Even crisp winter days lose their appeal as I don’t like much being cold!

Luckily we have had a pretty good summer compared to previous years and I really can’t complain. It’s still warm some days now and I would happily embrace and indian summer. Autumn can wait until November as far as I am concerned.

We had our summer holiday back at the start of July and already that seems like a long long time ago. We wanted to make the most of taking our last holiday out of term times. As of next year Beastie will be at school and we will have to book up in the holidays like everyone else with school kids. To me that simply says, busy and overpriced! In the future we will definitely be on the look out even more than before for low cost holiday deals.

We’ve been lucky in the fact that for the past few years we have been able to holiday at my parents villa in Spain, where they live all year round. We have only been on one all inclusive break (before children!) and although it was great not to have the hassle of sorting out our meals on a daily basis, I am not so sure it would be the type of holiday that we wouls choose to take often.  A self-catering holiday is always my preferred choice and it gives you much more freedom. If you are visiting somewhere new, you are more likely to take in the local sights and culture if you are going out and about to eat.

Now we’re in September, I’m hoping this finer weather will be sticking around a bit longer and before I know it, it’ll be time to think about booking up for next year. After all we always need some (guaranteed) sunshine to look forward to…

Life's a beach