Birth Announcement!

Yesterday was officially my due date and this would have been my last Bump Diary entry for 40 weeks. Instead I am able to announce the safe arrival of my second baby who arrived last Tuesday via elective caesarean. He is now nearly a week old and I am once again completely in love with my newborn as I was with Beastie almost three years ago. Beastie seems absolutely huge compared to the baby, even more so as Beastie weighed a fair bit more when he was born and this time we have a much tinier baby on our hands.

Baby Beastie weighed in at 7lb 1oz and although not that small, compared to Beastie’s 8lb 8ozs the difference has been quite considerable. Of course I was instantly protective of him but the fact our newborn is so diddy compared has made me even more protective. He seems so much more fragile.

Last Tuesday we had to be at the hospital for 7.30 am for the caesarean. When we got there the order of the list kept changing constantly and it was the luck of the draw as to who would be last on the list of three. Luckily for me one of the ladies on the list had had a cup of tea that morning which meant she could no longer be first on the list, which bumped me up to second. We had been warned that if there were more than one emergency caesareans needed at one time, then of course the elective list would be delayed. There was in fact an emergency as I was preparing to go into theatre which meant a long wait back up on the ward. Finally our time came though and we welcomed our little boy into the world.

I am recovering well post caesarean and only stayed the one night in hospital, which shocked a few people with my early return home. The only downside was being sent home with a weeks course of anti coagulant injections. I disregarded it completely when I left hospital not considering it a problem at all being that I am a nurse and have administered many of these injections. I realised when at home that it is one matter injecting someone else and entirely another injecting yourself! Luckily my husband was more than willing to give them and on the one occasion my Dad. They were not bothered in the slightest!?

Here are some pictures of his first few days. In the hospital, meeting his big brother for the first time and having a good look around his new home. There will of course be lots more pictures to come and more blog posts once I find my feet and maybe have a bit more sleep…