Jewellery Junkie

Sadly I don’t wear jewellery as much as I would like to. My job only permits me to wear my wedding band and earrings so I only get to wear more items on my days off. This in some ways makes it more of a treat to wear extra jewellery and dress up a little but it often isn’t the case as necklaces in particular tend to get pulled about a fair bit by my toddler.

This doesn’t stop me from adding to my collection and I think they always make nice keepsakes and when I am out of ideas for presents for myself (this rarely happens!) then I always turn to rings, earrings, bracelets etc. You can never have too many, right?

I’m always careful to choose wisely however,  as otherwise they’ll sit in my drawer for ever more, never to be worn. There is no point admiring nice pieces in a drawer, if they’re unsuitable for mostly everyday wear then there isn’t much point splashing out.

I know someone who rarely wears a bracelet as she is wary of scratching it. I don’t see the point myself. I remember my wedding ring in all its gleaming glory before it had been worn. If only it could have stayed that way but of course with daily wear it’s impossible to avoid scuffing and the loss of the high shine. A worn item is very much a loved and treasured item.

I favour bracelets mostly and I wear these without a doubt on my days off work. As I don’t wear anything else fussy, I like more unusual styles of bracelets that make a statement and love jewels that add a touch of sparkle. The summertime is also perfect for showing off bare wrists, where they’re not covered up with sleeves! It’s a shame the summer ever has to end…

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