Beastie is a Little Dish Tiny Taster!



I was thrilled to receive an email yesterday notifying me that Beastie had won one of the six places available to be a Tiny Taster for Little Dish. If you haven’t heard of Little Dish then you should take a look at their website. They are a company who make fresh, healthy foods for little ones that are available to buy at selected supermarkets. Created by Hillary and John who were inspired by the lack of foods available on the market when they had their first child. All of their meals are made with ingredients that you would find and use in your own kitchen, so you know there are no hidden nasties in there which are perfect for little people.

As I shop in Sainsburys and they stock the range in there I have known about them since I started weaning Beastie and their meals were amongst the first few that he tried (after the puree obviously). We love a good hearty meal in this house and the cottage pie and fish pie always went down a treat, so I know that we have lots to look forward to with the new meals that will be released for taste testing soon.

The competition requirements immediately caught my eye and there was a certain picture taken that was perfect for Beastie’s entry. A picture I took on his second birthday where I had made our favourite chocolate cake, not least Beastie who adores the cake. He even forgave me for not making a terribly good effort with the icing and proceeding to chomp into the cake as soon as the candle was out. What can I say? he doesn’t like to wait for his food and I have to admit that he takes after me entirely! We are self confessed ‘foodies’. With regards to the next birthday cake I shall be making a much better effort on his third birthday. He has already put in a request for a red cake so I shall be making one with a little more pizazz and colour this time…



So just a short post to introduce Beastie’s very important new role and we look forward to reporting back on all the yummy food that will be coming our way. We can’t wait 🙂