5 Ways to Get the Most from Your Home Office

2020 made the home office one of the most desirable property features – the kind of asset worth moving for!

And as many companies turn to hybrid working models in order to maximise productivity and give employees a healthier work/life balance, your home office is set to remain an essential room in your house.

Meanwhile, lockdown gave others a much-needed push to further their education with distance learning courses, such as those offered by Anglia Ruskin University, or finally complete that long-intended novel they always wanted to write.

However you use it, your home office needs to be a productive environment. Here are just five changes you can make to create the perfect workspace to suit your needs.

Fresh Paint

A fresh lick of paint can give any room a new lease of life, and when your office feels revitalised, you’ll be more inclined to keep it tidy!

Painting your office in calm pastel tones will put you more at easy and help clear your mind so you can focus on work.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are an excellent addition to an office space, as plants have a remarkable effect on our wellbeing.

Studies show that indoor plants are a fantastic way to reduce stress and increase productivity.

Not only do plants work to add a splash of colour to any space, but they’re also great at removing toxins from the environment, thus benefitting our physical health as well as our mental health.

Comfortable Chair

Comfort is a necessity for your home and finding the right office chair can be a challenge, but it’s an important one to undertake.

More than 50% of home workers have reported new aches and pains in their neck and back because of inadequate office seating.

Do some research to make sure that your office chair provides you with the right support while you’re working.

Natural Light

This might not be possible, but try to choose a room with a window when you select the location of your home office.

Natural light is important. Exposure to natural light will help you sleep better, and improve your mental wellbeing. Plus, who really wants to work in the dark!

If you’re office doesn’t have a window, then make sure you take regular breaks for a bit of fresh air, you’ll feel much better for it!

Protect Your Eyes

This isn’t exclusive to your home office, you should have been doing it already!

Too much screen exposure is detrimental to our eyesight, with Digital Eye Strain (DES) affecting more than 50% of adults and children.

Protect your eyes while you work with some blue light lenses. And if you’re already a glasses wearer, then speak to your option about blue light protection for prescription glasses.

Creating your perfect home office is an excellent boost your productivity. And at the end of each workday make sure that you close the door on it until the morning. This will allow you to ensure better balance in your life.

What changes have you made to your home office?

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