On the go with the boys

I’ve always talk to people these days how much I feel I have changed as a driver since my children arrived. As a parent you become more aware of your own mortality and the risks that you may have once taken are no longer an option. I worry myself too much sometimes thinking about the unthinkable which is not being around for my boys when they are growing up. As a result I drive much more sensibly now and am always thinking of the dangers that may lie ahead – even when I don’t have my precious cargo onboard.

I seem to have a greater awareness of what other drivers are doing and in much less of a hurry than I once used to be. I do still get mild road rage (obviously not violent!) and will always have that side to me. My little back seat driver also notices when someone has ‘annoyed Mummy’. Oops…but I’m generally much calmer and have mellowed over time. I guess age may be a factor here too.

Still my main priority is the safety of the boys followed closely by keeping myself safe. We recently upgraded our car to a larger one and one that I feel is much safer to be driving with a family. There is much more room for car seats and ample leg room for swinging legs. Buying suitable car seats that are secured properly is paramount to their safety.

I’ve seen some cases lately where cheaper car seats have caused children injuries during accidents, rather than preventing them and it’s always a good idea to get advice after a road accident. It can be scary enough being involved in an accident but knowing that the very seat that is designed to protect them has failed, is very worrying indeed. I personally can’t believe that equipment that is sub-standard is available to buy and pass safety tests. You can’t put a price on the safety of your family.

Precious cargo