Our little trip to Center Parcs

Last week we had a little break away to Center Parcs for the last time as a family of four. We normally go abroad in the summer holidays but timing wise with the baby’s due date, we knew that it wouldn’t be an option this year. However, we felt that a break away for the boys and ourselves was most definitely needed and we therefore managed to squeeze in a few days where the boys could have a little adventure before the next adventure begins.

We visited the Sherwood Center Parcs mainly as we researched that this site was little flatter than the other ones. The boys had their scooters and bikes and we wanted getting around to be as easy as possible as well as easier on foot for me. I did underestimate how much of a mission the trip would be for me and I had to take it fairly easy when we walked places by pacing myself, something I don’t find comes naturally! Swimming was pretty tiring and although I couldn’t do much in the pool, it still proved a challenge managing a wriggly three year old which included several trips up and down steps which wiped me out for the day. Luckily I will not be mixing being heavily pregnant with a holiday ever again.

One major bonus of going away is always when you get to go out to eat. I had a few nights off cooking dinner and that was lovely in itself and we each took it in turns to choose a restaurant to visit.  Our wifi signal was very patchy and only one corner of our villa picked up a decent connection. But do you know what? that didn’t matter as we had come away for a break and sometimes we all need a little reminder that we need to switch off and actually get away from distractions every now and then.

The boys had a busy week dressing up as pirates, becoming master chocolatiers, shooting crossbows and stuffing their own teddies. Mixed in with some swimming and scooting, they had a truly wonderful time and I couldn’t have wished for more from the week.

Here is a little video of our time away and in particular the boys enjoying the subtropical swimming paradise. I know I’m biased but this video never fails to make me smile and feel a little emotional at the same time. Here are some of our happy memories captured forever.