Preparing for Kitchen Renovations

You’ve decided to renovate your kitchen – an exciting time! But along with the thrill of a studying the latest luxury kitchen designs and planning a new space comes upheaval and inconvenience.

The kitchen isn’t called the heart of the home for nothing you know! So much of our lives revolve around the kitchen and time spent in the kitchen. Cooking is of course the most important task that’s done in the kitchen, but many people also use their kitchens as a space for socialising, eating and family time.

Preparing for your kitchen renovations takes time and planning if you want to reduce the stress of having the builders in! It’s not difficult if you think ahead and do your preparation.

Clear the space

You will obviously need to remove all of your pots, pans, crockery, appliances and ornaments before any work happens. Store the bigger white goods in a safe, dry place and box up everything else. If at all possible, you should plug in your fridge and freezer in another part of the house. You may still have a lot of food in it which cannot be left to spoil and it’s also a good idea for frozen meals.

Make some meals ahead of time

You can cook a lot of meals ahead of time and then warm them up in the microwave. You will need to set up a ‘cooking and hot drinks station’ somewhere else in the house though. Keep a few dishes and cups and some cutlery out. These are for your everyday use and you’ve got to eat from something! You can always use paper plates but choose recyclable ones.

Go away for a few days

This is a good idea if at all possible. It means that you can rest whilst the work is taking place and the work team won’t worry about making a lot of noise. Plan your holiday at the time your renovation is to take place. You might need to designate someone locally to be a keyholder though – so the work team can get into the building.

Above all, keep a calm head. It’s well-known that people find it very stressful when their home is invaded by workers armed with power tools – but it’s all for the good! You’re going to be happy with your bright, shiny new kitchen!

Nb. Collaborative post.