Things To Do Now To Prepare Your Garden For Summer

Far too often we ignore our gardens in the winter, then as soon as the sun starts to show itself we have a mammoth task of sorting the garden out ready for all the sun-soaked fun we are planning. Garden parties, barbecues, play date with the kids and catch ups with friends are something we all look forward to in the summer. Our gardens are our own private little paradise in which to enjoy it. So why not make it easier to get straight into the fun stuff and prepare a few things early on. 

Declutter And De-weed Everything 

In the winter a lot of plants are dormant, dead and simply easier to gather up and put in the compost. So spend a weekend simply getting rid of all the overgrown weeds, trim back plants which have gotten too big and give yourself a blank canvas to work with. It may take a bit of time to get rid of it all but it will save you precious time in the summer. You can also get rid of anything you no longer want or need like old garden furniture or anything that’s broken and no longer usable. 

Prevent And Get Rid Of Pests 

Unfortunately sometimes gardens have pests as it is just nature. You may need to find the best option for repelling cats if you have neighbour ones that come in and use your garden as a litter tray. Once a cat uses somewhere to do their business it is a place they use regularly. You may also be prone to having ants, which isn’t always a problem but they may end up being the ones that bite and can quickly grow out of control and end up coming into your home. So look to get rid of them and find the best way to get rid of ants nests. 

Plant Things Early On 

Throughout the year there are different and best times to plant certain things, be that flowers or fruit and vegetables. If you find a planting calendar you can see which plants can be planted now and start sowing them in the garden, then when the summer comes you will already have some things growing. If you don’t particularly have a green thumb there are plants which self seed well and will just grow and thrive no matter how good you are at gardening. Growing fruit and vegetables are a bit more tricky but if you aren’t confident at doing it from the start you can normally buy plants that are a decent size and already giving out food. 

Remove Trees and Bushes that are an issue

It’s great to have established trees and shrubs in your garden, but sometimes they can become more of problem when they block sunlight, overhang neighbouring gardens or even threaten foundations. It’s always best to instruct a tree surgeon like Thor’s Trees to safely remove any unwanted trees.

Organise Your Garden Storage

Just like our homes our garden sheds and garages can become overly cluttered and just full of junk. Take some time to declutter and get if anything you no longer want, need or that is broken. Make sure you dispose of it correctly and invest in some shelving or drawers to organise what you do keep in a more tidy and well organised way.

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