Family Adventure at BeWILDerwood

If you’re looking to take your kids to an outdoor adventure wonderland, then BeWILDerwood is where you want to be heading. With our recent move to Norfolk, we were eager to try out this enchanted wood that we had heard so much about. Nestled in the Norfolk Broads this forest park offers 50 acres of wild, outdoor adventure fun. There are treehouses, zip wires, jungle bridges, boat trips, marsh walks, swings and slides, den building, mazes and more!

Take a look first to see how enchanting the place is for yourselves in our video of the day…

So what sort of experience did we have at BeWILDerwood?

It’s a jammed pack day of family fun in the great outdoors. It does cater for kids of all ages but to get the most fun out of the treehouses it’s best if your children are old enough to be able to climb around them. With my boys being 7 and 4, they really got the most out of the day and were able to explore the place fully. What boy doesn’t like exploring treehouses and climbing over bridges? It’s like a fun assault course with so many places to discover, it’s every kids dream, both boys and girls alike.

Amongst the trees as you wander about there are little houses that add to the overall magic of the place and really get imaginations running wild. The boys were so intrigued by what creatures inhabited these little homes.

The zip wires were a massive hit and they had endless goes on them. We went during half term but we didn’t have to queue for anything which was quite refreshing compared to many  adventure parks we have been to before. They even had a small zip wire for toddlers so that they can join in the fun too. Sadly, Georgie wasn’t too pleased with her first zip wire experience but hopefully next time she will give it another go.

I would have enjoyed the day even more if I could have kept up with the boys in the treehouses, (although apparently a little bit snug in parts for adults) but having a little one and a buggy, meant I couldn’t always join in. The boys stuck together throughout their adventure and at times were hard to locate in the expanse of treehouses, grrr. Expect to do lots of hollering!

The boys proclaimed that their day was ‘the best day ever and better than Legoland’ and that really is saying something from diehard Legoland fans. There may not be the rides and attractions that you would get with a theme park but then it goes to show that this type of adventure is just as appealing. Somtimes it’s back to the basics and kids are just as happy, if not more. There were no masses of crowds, just space to run freely and play to their hearts content.

There is one area where there is a little stage (like a little theatre) where they do story telling, a cabin for face painting and a place to grab snacks if you need them.

As you move further around you come across lots of slides of varying degrees, big swings, places to get hot food and drinks and the boggle wish bonfire pictured below. Here your kids can make wishes with the glittery pine cones and pop them in the fire.


There is also a special trail that the children can follow to find characters along the routes. When they find the characters, they are marked with letters and if they manage to locate them all and note the letters on a sheet they’re given, then they receive a special badge when they leave. This was eldest son’s main priority and kept him very busy exploring everywhere! A little incentive always works really well and the boys were so pleased with their little memento.

So if you fancy taking your family for a fantastic day out then the prices are listed below and based on height for kids, as their height will detemine what they can use.

On the day/Over the phone

Born to BeWILD (Under 92cm) Free
Almost WILD (92-105cm) £14.50
BeWILD Now (over 105cm) £16.50
Used to BeWILD (65 years+) £9.50

Online Advanced (up to the night before)

Born to BeWILD (Under 92cm) Free
Almost WILD
 (92-105cm) £13.50
 (over 105cm) £15.50
Used to BeWILD
 (65 years+) £8.50



Nb. We were given a family pass to BeWILDderwood in return for a review of our day out. All views and opinions remain entirely my own.