9 Tips To Effectively Promote Home Grown Business Online

The rapidly rising digital marketing and technology have overturned the old and obsolete business prospects in today’s market. Nowadays, people in business seem to be looking the other way from the brick-and-mortar models as the market is witnessing the emergence of homegrown business models.

The likelihood of investing in setting up an office, commuting to the office, and managing employees has receded. Now, more and more aspirants are interested in traversing the path of entrepreneurship with low investment and their houses being the headquarters. 

However, while starting a business is hard, starting a homegrown business is even harder. Fortunately, we live in a world where the internet exists, a space that can provide us with the freedom of how and where we work if we know our way around it.

Therefore, we will put forward the 9 best tips that will effectively promote the homegrown business online. 

9 Tips To Effectively Promote Your Home Grown Business Online 

Assemble A Website With The Right Platform

To grow your homegrown business in the online space, you must have a well-structured website. On searching, you can find many online website builders that can help you build a website that suits your business.

However, it is necessary to be very careful while choosing as the wrong choice will cost you a lot of money and limit the growth of your business. In the beginning, assemble your website using an adequate free, and easy-to-use website builder. 

Explore online website builders who offer different plans that suit different businesses.

Keep The Website Layout Simple & SEO Optimised 

You will share the online space with many service providers who will provide the same services as you. Therefore, a strong online identity is crucial to growing a business, and your website will help you build one.

A well-built website can significantly impact a visitor’s mind and hence increase the credibility and legitimacy of your business. Get a head start by using professionals such as Super Star Designs to propel your brand with their team of creatives.

Therefore, make sure that you keep the layout of your website simple, easily browsable, and convey all the information. Besides these, optimise the website with basic SEO techniques to make your website search engine friendly.

With SEO, one can make the website rank in the online space and come up frequently in the search engine results.

Create Blogs & Regularly Post Worthy Content 

Content is in demand in the online world; hence, content marketing is the key to a successful business. The easiest and most effective way to put worthy content is by posting regular blogs.

Regular blogging with worthy content will help improve SEO and attract traffic to your website. Moreover, it will build relationships creating a community around your business that will boost the chances of converting visitors into buyers.

To begin with, determine the goal behind posting the blog, then plan your content, write the first blog, optimise it and ultimately monetise it on platforms like Quora and Medium. Remember to run audits from time to time to analyse the performance of your content.

However, this online marketing strategy will not help you overnight, but consistency and content compatible with audiences will strengthen your identity. This will ultimately result in an increase in reputation and revenue for your homegrown business. 

Collaborate With Popular bloggers 

It would be beneficial for your business if you find a guest post from a popular blogger whose blogs match your line of work. Their popularity can be used for spreading awareness about your business in the online world.

Once you collaborate with someone, offer your services to them as a guest blogger in return. To provide your services as a guest blogger, make sure that you have a good background in writing. Learn to have a way with content marketing.

Use Social Media For Engaging The Traffic 

According to a survey, it was found that social media platforms see approximately 4.2 billion active users who, on average, spend around 2 hours and 25 minutes on their social media accounts. Businesses can grow leaps and bounds by just grabbing their attention in those hours.

The best part is that it doesn’t charge you a penny for building a Facebook Page for your business, posting content on Instagram, Pinterest, or creating a presence on Linkedin, Twitter, etc. 

Create a social media strategy using analytics, inbuilt interactive tools, social media calendars, etc., to suit your business goals. It is advisable to keep 80% of your content to share information on Quora and Linkedin, educate using Youtube videos, or entertain viewers with stunning photos and videos using photo editor and video maker tools.

The remaining 20% is to promote your business or sell your products and services. Remember to keep evolving with the ever-changing social media trends to remain relevant in the market.

Invest In Email Marketing Effectively

Email marketing delivers the highest ROI of all the other marketing methods.

Around 79% of marketers see email marketing to promote their business and interact with leads and customers. It can be done by getting the email address of onlookers and building an email list.

Feed them with ebooks, newsletters, and necessary information related to campaigns and awareness about your business to convert them into leads.

Initially, you can begin by using Constant Contact, a well-known online email marketing company. Remember, with this strategy, you have to focus more on connecting than on selling. 

Attract More Customers Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

The PPC is an online advertising model to make your target audience acknowledge your business and accept your offerings. It can generate more leads by driving traffic to your website and eventually increasing online sales.

You have to pay only when a visitor clicks on your ads in this method. With billions of people frolicking on Google and Facebook, you can use GoogleAds and Facebook Ads for effective PPC advertising.

Post More Infographics, Photos & Videos With Relevant Hashtags 

Pinterest, Instagram, Flicker, and Tumbler are a few platforms where visitors come to fill their spare time by looking at and sharing photos and videos. These platforms witness significant activities from users daily. Hence, providing you with the best opportunity to expand the exposure of your business in the online world.

Use relevant hashtags and descriptions for the photos and videos to make sure it reaches a wider audience. Also, make sure that the images and videos are well curated. For an easy and effective experience using an online video editor and a photo editing tool will be beneficial.  

Offer Products & Services For Free

People are more willing to accept products for free than pay a nominal price. While offering, be sure to restore customers’ contact details to get in touch with them later.

Remember, if you are offering your services for free, you are creating opportunities to encourage customers to avail of your paid services as people begin to feel like they owe you after accepting your services for free.


The online space is ideal for homegrown businesses. However, there is nothing like an overnight success. You have to be persistent and patient. Keep adding value to your online presence with the above ideas and eventually see your sales uprising.

Nb. Collaborative post.