Up, up and away…

Okay I know Christmas isn’t far away and that most peoples priorities lie with getting prepared for that. There is always such a major build up to Christmas and then in a couple of days it’s all over with. I really feel the winter blues coming on when the new year hits and then I start to coundown until Spring/Summer time. Wishing my life away I know!

As we visit my parents every summer in Spain, I have to think about booking ahead as soon as the flights become available, which is usually in January. For us the further you book in advance, the cheaper the flights are. January, however isn’t a good month with the old bank account which is usually when I start to dither about booking. I don’t mind booking it on a credit card if I know that I will have the money at my disposal fairly soon. Afterall there are advantages to booking with a credit card as it gives you more protection should anything happen with your booking.

As much as I love Christmas and the run up to it, I always have to have something else lined up afterwards to look forward to as well. As my Mum always says, you need things to look forward to in life. People book holidays a year in advance sometimes and half of the fun is the anticipation of the holiday to come and as it nears it gets really exciting. That chance to just get away from it all and I personally always appreciate home so much more when I have been away. No matter how good my holiday might be there is no place in the world like home.