Three months old and life with a baby third time around…

Our little lady has just turned twelve weeks old. Three whole months old! As with both boys, it’s now hard to imagine family life without her being here, especially as she has just slotted right into our lives. It’s crazy to think that it’s been only a matter of weeks since this little baby has entered our lives and made us into the family that we are now.


We get all the usual questions that you get when you have a baby. The type of questions that people ask without even thinking. Is she is a good baby? does she sleep well? do her brothers love her? I’ve even asked the same things myself in the past, thinking afterwards that the words just came out as if on autopilot. It seems it’s just what people do in order to be polite and make conversation about your baby. They may even think you have a funny looking baby but most people will still say ahhh! (mostly). However, what even is a good baby? and you certainly wouldn’t deem a baby as bad, would you?

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Like most babies, she has her ratty moments usually in the early evening witching hour and is becoming more clingy as she gets older but she is what you might call a pretty contented baby – or one of those ‘good’ babies.  She is reasonably chilled on the whole and rather likes her sleep at night – well as much as baby can before they need more milk! In comparison to her brothers she is a little easier to take out and about as well, this is probably more due to the fact that she has no choice but to be carted everywhere when there are two boys that need ferrying about. I’d been told that third babies are usually inclined to be this way and I guess it’s true for us.

My husband and I were discussing the sleep deprivation this time around and I said that I didn’t feel it had affected me that much. I yawn a lot at the moment, not helped by the darker afternoons but I’m certainly not collapsing into bed at night. With my firstborn, I remember rubber necking on the sofa because I simply couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer and I used to be insanely jealous of anyone getting a proper nights sleep. It then occurred to us that since our first baby, our sleep has never returned to the pre-baby slumber – which we’ve realised was quite frankly pure indulgence.  So of course, we’re more accustomed to losing sleep with having children waking us up and in and out of our bed for over six years. Over six years!

We’re not about to get our sleep back anytime soon, which to be we fully understood and took on board when we decided to try for our last baby. Family life with three is fairly full on and hectic at times and can also be a tad overwhelming. Sometimes we sit and think about what we’ve accomplished over the years and we can’t quite believe that we have three children tagging along with us now. I know we’re so very lucky to be sharing our lives with them.