John Lewis Back to School

Looking out the window today, you would assume that summer is over and Autumn is upon on so it’s a good a time as any to be thinking about the ‘back to school’ items that will be needed. Okay so my son may have only just finished school last week but already the shops are full of school gear ready for the summer to be over and the new term starting. I would much rather know that I have everything prepared for when the weeks fly by and that I’m not in a manic rush to be buying all of the essentials of his school uniform. Especially when I am going to have another little person to look after very soon.

So knowing that it’s best to plan ahead and be as prepared as you I can for September, I have made a list (with the help of Beastie) of what will be needed for the start of Year 2. Bar his school jumper that is bought from a specialist shop with his school emblem on, the following is what he will need.

1. White polo shirts

2. Grey easy-care trousers

3. Black Clarks shoes

4. Grey socks

5. Rainproof coat

6. Hat and gloves (in a handy pullstring bag)

7. Wellies

8. White t-shirts

9. PE shorts

10. Jogging bottoms

11. Plimsolls

12. Sports socks

13. Tracksuit top

This completes the list of essentials and here is a few items that were wished for but will not be making the cut unfortunately.


A fancy PE bag is not needed, especially when he already has one and he needs constantly reminding as it is to bring it home so I can wash his kit. A new lunch box is always on the list but seeing as he’ll still be having school dinners, he misses out on this one. Okay so baseball caps look pretty cool and true there may well be some sunny days when he goes back, but his last school cap was ripped apart during a ‘game’ in the playground – cheap hat is it then. Finally an umbrella with a funky pattern is very cool but I’d rather he didn’t take someones eye out or use it as a make shift sword – a hood is good enough.

Here is a video that John Lewis put together showing a few other kids thoughts on what they might need when they go back to school. I think I would have maybe picked glittery shoes too when I was little 🙂


Nb. John Lewis kindly provided a gift card to purchase the items I have listed above in return for this post. All views and opinions are entirely our own.