My personal shopper

I go through phases were I go out and buy clothes. Sometimes on a whim but usually it’s when I am sick and tired of everything I look at in my wardrobe and drawers. It’s during these times that I become brutal and start to cull the clothes I hoard have, which isn’t a bad thing at all. I really should stick by advice I once heard ‘if you’ve not worn it in two years – chuck it out’. Too true.

Of course, if I had both the time and money, I would be hitting the shops more frequently than I do. I love summer shopping the most as clothes are lighter and cheaper. You can go into stores and come out armed with a bag load that hasn’t cost you the earth. It may not last long but when fashion is ever changing, I don’t feel it matter so much. When I used to have lots of time to amble around the shops, I had a better idea of what styles I was looking for and what suited me. Now I struggle a little as I am usually pushed for time, either rushing around like a lunatic when I get some ‘free’ time or stressed out by my small children crammed in a changing room.

Luckily my husband doesn’t think I look like a tramp (or least doesn’t admit it) besides what I may feel I look most of the time. He’s always been really good at picking out clothes for me and I trust his taste completely. He even chooses items I wouldn’t ordinarily choose for myself, convinces me to try them on and proves me wrong. I would have never have chosen wet look leggings and even told him so. Still he went ahead and ordered me a pair and really loved them when I tried them on. He had seen them on lots of people and decided that I would look good in a pair. My pair are actually really comfortable and I love the fact they can be dressed up or down.

There are some trends and styles that he just doesn’t get but I can really trust him to buy me clothes that flatter me. I’m always shocked that he takes the time to look for me when I know that he needs new bits himself. Okay he can sometimes get it wrong but on the whole he’s a pretty handy personal shopper to have around and it’s always a lovely surprise. I think he knows me better than myself.
Wet look leggings