Beastie turns Four

This post is an extremely belated one. Beastie has been four almost a month and I am only just catching up. March was a very busy month indeed as it will be for many many years to come. Both of my boys celebrate their birthdays during this month, allowing 10 days grace in between! It’s hard to believe that my little boy is now four years old (going on 14) and is starting big school soon.

Beastie had been so excited on the run up to his birthday and had requested from early on that he wanted a ball pit party just like his friends. Who were we to not oblige? Seeing as it was his first proper party we had organised, it was a relief to hold his party at a venue where all the fun and games was catered for. All I had to arrange was the cake.

At the moment Beastie is loving his superheroes so it seemed apt to work the cakes around that theme. He started off the day dressed as Spider-Man and all the kids were invited to dress up if they so wished. So Spider-Man was featured along with Batman and Superman.

I wanted to get the cake right for his big day and out of character for me, I started to plan it weeks in advance. I didn’t want anything to stress me out, so I meticulously planned it to a tee. After much deliberation, I decided that cupcakes would be favourable for the theme I had in mind. I then ordered a large cupcake box to transport the cakes and to display them with the candles. I also know how pieces of birthday cake often get chucked into the party bags and more than likely put straight in the bin when taken home so once they were ready to be handed out I asked the little ones which superhero character they liked and then popped them into individual cases to protect them in the party bags.

My clever husband made the toppers and cases for each cake and we went about making the toppers with a pair of scissors, glue and cocktail sticks. I spent probably a good couple of weeks practising batches of cupcakes so that I was happy with how they were going to turn out and the boys were more than happy to test them, as you’d imagine…


My sister came up for the day, which was lovely and also great to have her help with adding the final touches to the cakes. It took us a while to get the icing to the colours that we wanted. We knew red would be difficult but hadn’t realised just how tricky it is to get a vibrant red. We ended up with a dark pink in the end but I think we pulled it off!


Beastie was extremely helpful as the birthday boy and even mucked in with mixing the icing. He did manage to cover us all in icing sugar though when he lost his footing, good job I bought plenty…


He got the perfect day he had been dreaming about for a while and all of his friends seemed to enjoy the day too. I wonder what fun next year will hold?

cakes in a box


While one was stuffing his face…

stuffing face

It all got a little too much for one little boy.

sleeping baby