All the pennies add up…

I have spoken about the need to overhaul my wardrobe and besides needing an injection of new pieces, I also need to ditch items that are clogging up space. It’s been far too long and I have held onto clothes that really should have departed the hangers a long time ago. Out with the old and in with the new – as they say.

We have a reasonably big wardrobe but when it comes to dividing winter and summer clothes, lack of storage is always means they intermingle somewhat and we can’t get to our clothes properly. It’s always one of those jobs that I put off as I need to just get stuck in and properly organise the chaos.

We’ve been looking at our bills closely this last week and have been trying to find ways to cut costs. We already know that we can make a few bob from flogging our old CDs and DVDs. We don’t need any of them as we store everything on our computer and what we don’t have, we download. It got me thinking too about how the pennies could add up by getting cash for clothes. I have so many bits and pieces that I really need to part with and haven’t mustered the energy to do it yet. I also don’t particularly relish the thought of selling something for a fraction of what it cost me, although it makes sense to make something from them rather than nothing at all.

I thought about selling some shoes a while back that had been worn once and were extremely uncomfortable. In the end I decided against it as they had cost a fair bit and I didn’t want somebody snapping them up for peanuts. How unfair is that? Well, it was my own silly fault for buying them in the first place so I really shouldn’t complain (but I do) but what really is silly, is the fact they are clogging up my wardrobe and sitting there looking pretty is not doing my purse any favours. A spring clean is most certainly in order and I really need to make a start, after all the pennies will add up eventually won’t they?

Clothes clutter