Bump Diary: 34 weeks and my Blogaversary!

I have reached the 34 week mark today and it feels weird to think I have 6 weeks left until I am officially full term. 6 weeks in actual fact is nothing really and I do still have a fair bit that I want to do in preparation for the baby’s arrival. This is my last week at work before my maternity leave starts and I can’t quite believe I only have 3 shifts left. It will feel like a large weight has been lifted and I will be able to concentrate on getting everything sorted and more importantly relaxing properly in between. I went out shopping this morning, just a quick dash into town followed by a short stop in the supermarket. Now when you are this pregnant, unfortunately a quick dash into town is a little ambitious and a bit silly. My tummy was really dragging and I had to support it with my hand several times, all the while telling myself to slow down but also wanting desperately to be done and safely home! It didn’t help my stress levels with Beastie being a little defiant and shouting really loudly. On the whole he is a pretty good boy and very polite but this is equally measured with him knowing the power of projecting his voice and developing his very own attitude.

On Sunday we decided to bring down Beastie’s baby clothes from the loft to wash for our new arrival. We knew there was going to be a lot to sift through but I we had forgotten quite how much clothing we had acquired for Beastie over the first year of his life. We had lots of moments oohing and ahhing, reminiscing about the time in which they were first worn, which was nearly 3 years ago now. You always forget how tiny the clothes are and it’s always hard to imagine a little person being small enough to wear them. As I expected, most of the items looked barely worn and some had never even been worn. I had forgotten about so many of the clothes and it was great to dig out my personal favourites again, some of them so distinctly for a boy that it makes me so glad that I am having another little boy so that they can be worn again.

On Saturday morning I was able to indulge in some pampering when I went for a prenatal massage. I had a voucher from my husband from last valentines day (yes can you believe it?) that was due to expire and I needed to use it up pronto so I chose this massage treatment to help me unwind. It lasted an hour and a half and involved a full body massage (bump excluded) and a scalp massage with treatment for my hair. It was lovely and just pure bliss to not be at anyone’s beck and call for just a while. As I have been a bit lax with looking after my skin in this pregnancy I decided to treat myself to some specially formulated body oil to rub onto my bump to protect the skin in these last few weeks. I haven’t had any stretch marks yet but as every pregnancy is different, I don’t want them creeping up on me.


We have also decided on the type of travel system that we would like, so for now we are seeing if our funds will stretch that far, as it will make our life so much easier with a system that folds up much smaller and with greater ease. We did only use our original one for 6 months but it is so important in those first few months to make your life more hassle free. We shall see what we can do but for now it’s great we have come to a joint decision about such an important purchase…

Last night I had a really uncomfortable night with the baby. He seemed relentless with his wriggling, there was simply no way I could sleep with the movements going on inside my tummy as well as wincing in pain with some of the moves he was busting. This was the first time that I actually thought to myself that I really want my body back from the baby invasion now.

I have my 34 week routine appointment with my midwife tomorrow and once that is out of the way it’s just 2 weeks to wait until we attend the VBAC clinic. They will ask our final decision as to what we want to do regarding the birth and book the c -section date if that is what we wish, which for anyone that has been reading my diary will know that we plan to go ahead with one. So with my next entry we will have a month to go and a date booked up!

I have also just updated the title of this post as it suddenly dawned on me that my blogaversary is approaching very soon, until I checked and it is today! How typical of me to let it almost pass by…who would have thought a whole year…!