Milestones to remember

Lately I have been thinking about special moments that have happened or will happen in my son’s lives, milestones if you like. Now we have Baby Beastie it’s made me compare what his older brother was doing at this stage. Of course it’s no competition but it’s always interesting to see the differences in them. Today I took my baby for his weight to be recorded and at 17 weeks he weighed in at 15 lb 13 ozs and with a quick check in Beastie’s ‘red book’ I can see that his baby bro is already shaping up to be the bigger one.

I wasn’t blogging three years ago when my first child was born, I wouldn’t have really known what a blog was to be honest, so I haven’t been able to journal his early days the same as I am able to now. Often I struggle to remember certain milestones Beastie reached and wish that I had had the sense to jot them down in a good old notebook or even the red book itself. Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it? So I need to seize the opportunity to document more on this blog and cherish these little moments as well as remembering ones that have already passed.

Most of the important milestones I do remember and some happened at times that were memorable. On Beastie’s first holiday to Spain at nearly 4 months he mastered rolling onto his tummy. I also remember that we had already got a little routine going where he would go down at night (awake) and drift off to sleep only for that all the go to pot once we returned from holiday. We never really got it back! On our most recent holiday we willed Baby Beastie to roll like his brother but he’s still trying to suss it out. He’s currently too busy testing out his newfound voice, so he’ll do that in his own time.

It’s a joy to be seeing Baby Beastie’s firsts as well as lots of very exciting more grown up firsts for Beastie. On Monday my husband and I took them both to the cinema. I had been on about taking Beastie for a while, figuring that he can just about manage a film now after we have watched Toy Story 3 50,000 times with no signs of it wearing thin. We opted for the only suitable film out at the moment and went to see Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, it seemed age appropriate and he was so excited to be going to see a film on the big screen. He didn’t have a clue what to expect and he got bored half way through the film but I still felt it was a success and it was just so great to find something else for us to do as a family and course we got to go the cinema, hoorah! So it may not have been our choice of film but it was still refreshing to be able to go without the need for babysitters. It was a glimpse into what lies ahead in the future for all four of us.

I am taking more and more photo’s than I ever used to and I regularly update my Instagram account. Pictures say so much and create such wonderful memories but it also got me thinking about how to really mark these moments. So here are just a few milestones and special moments that have happened in the last few months…

To be continued…