End of term…beginning of bedlam

Today marked the end of the school term and the start of the summer holidays. I remember the feeling as a child and nothing could quite beat that feeling of freedom for a few weeks, only to be eclipsed by the excitement of Christmas Day (of course).

Now I am a parent experiencing summer holidays it’s a whole different kettle of fish. On one hand it’s a break from the monotomy of the endless trips to and from school each day but on the other hand it’s a fair few weeks filled with no set routine. Where pre-school provide a structured environment with lots of actvities, you find all of a sudden you need to fill the void. Ok I know I can’t be expected to be supermum (good job) but I also know that I need to plan an array of activities for Beastie to partake in otherwise we will go crazy. He will have lots of pent up energy that needs releasing and I know from experience on the odd few days we haven’t left the house that he can be extremely hard to handle. Unfortunately we don’t have a garden so there isn’t the option to send him outside to have a good run around and get some much needed fresh air. This leaves the park across the road and it’s not my most favourite place at the best of times but almost every day?

I haven’t hatched a plan as such yet but I have spoken several times to another pre-school Mum about meeting up with our boys. Like most Mum’s one of the main challenges with the holidays is keeping them amused without breaking the bank whilst you’re at it. As I am on maternity leave it means funds are even smaller but then at least I am not having to worry about working and childcare, the thought of that next year fills me with dread. Impossible springs to mind.

We will keep on meeting up with our regular play dates and hopefully it should pad our weeks out a little bit. Throw in a bit of sunshine and maybe the park won’t seem like such a bad option.  Today we are off to a soft play centre, where Beastie can let off steam with one of his little friends and I can hopefully sit and chat with my friend and our babies (born on the same day). As we all know the weather has been miserable to say the least most days and planning outings ahead can be a bit hit and miss. I for one won’t miss the heavens opening at around 3 pm every day and soaking me to my underwear. The only problem is that probably half of the town has the same idea on the first day of the holidays! I as type this though I can see some blue sky peeking through the clouds so you never know, today might just be one of those good days…

Beginning of bedlam? time shall tell.