GLTC Family Blogger Day

Last Sunday we took a trip up to London to go one of the launch days for the new showroom for The Great Little Trading Company. Their very first brand new store has opened this weekend in Wandsworth, after only selling online before.

This family run business has been established for 20 years now but has been run for the last 15 years by husband and wife team Jamie and Annie Reeve. They have three children who have grown up testing out prototypes for the business and as a result have been an integral part in their growth and development. Their vision from the start was to design classic toys and practical, good looking furniture for modern families.

It’s always great to support family run businesses such as this one, that are passionate about providing the best products that they can. It was a pleasure to meet them both and hear a little about their journey towards getting to where they are now and that their dream has finally come true.

I think most of us pine for the pre-children days, where our homes were less cluttered and practically immaculate to how they are now. The reality of creating those surroundings again, isn’t so unrealistic with some clever storage solutions and aesthetically pleasing toys.

They have thought of solutions and I love their ethos…

‘We are parents. We get it.’ says Jamie. ‘We understand you’ve spent all day with your children, the house is a mess, there are toys all over the floor and porridge up the wall. We understand that in the evening when the kids are in bed, you want to sit down and relax with a glass of wine, in the beautiful home that you created BEFORE the children came along. This is where we come in.’

As far as events go, this one had to top them all for how welcoming it was and it certainly didn’t fail to provide the wow factor on arrival. They have a beautiful tiled floor in the reception area, it’s the little details that make a great impression. Sadly I failed to take of photo of it mainly due to the fact I was trying to stop my daughter swiping my gin in a teacup (see below), whilst holding her. Drinking and small children do not mix for several reasons, as we know…

They hosted an impressive display of drinks and nibbles, including these rather fabulous gin, lime, tonic and cucumber cocktails – otherwise known as ‘GLTC’ cocktails! clever huh?! I do love a posh drink.

They have a huge range of classic wooden toys to appeal to all children. Most are gender neutral and look stylish as well. If you need to squeeze in a play kitchen in the corner of your lounge, then it’ll look a lot nicer if it’s not made of bright pink plastic!

Teepee’s are effortlessly cool anyway…and with comfy cushions inside too, what’s not to love.

The bunk bed was an instant hit with my son and the rocket theme was one of our favourites. I’m also a fan of their trademark stars.

There are storage solutions galore and plenty of different designs to choose from.

P4240040 P4240042

P4240052 P4240053

You can really envision what you want for your home when you walk around the showroom. It’s like noseying into the perfect set up of how you want your kids rooms to look. Much like the IKEA experience but without the masses of people constantly herding you along, arguments with your other half (well I can’t promise that) and the horrendous queues at the checkout. Oh and it goes without saying that the toilets are well worth a visit too.


I loved these little dollshouse shelves. I’ll definitely be getting some for my little girls room.

Someone is starting to get prepared for starting school this summer. Pre-school already have him in training by the looks of it here.


I love this play kitchen. Wooden ones just look so much nicer and they’re usually a hit with girls and boys alike. Teach them important life skills young eh?


This traditional pull along cart is super cute, particularly with the bear theme.


Cabin beds are what cool bedrooms are made of. You get to be up high like you do with bunks but yet have the added bonus of having your very own den underneath. Peep hole windows are always a neccessity for noseying.

If you want to see how to create your own happy home and check out the best loos in London whilst you’re there, then their flagship store can be found at 12 Buckhold Road, Wandsworth, London, SW18.