What inspires us to travel as a family

What inspires you when it comes to booking that family holiday?


Thinking of holidays in January is pretty much part and parcel of getting through the month. It’s the prospect of being anywhere but at work and away from our lives and the pressures – a little sanctuary to retreat to where you can recharge and refocus.

It’s being somewhere that is away from home and so different, somewhere that takes your breath away but also lets you catch your breath.  A breather from our everyday lives that gives us those precious times that are etched into our memories forever. The memories that we talk about for years and are those that make travelling so very special.

We made some incredible memories on our last trip abroad and it’ll be a point in our lives that we will always reflect on and talk about in the years to come.

We have a passion for filming our family travels in a way that makes you feel in the moment and make your hairs stand on end. You may not be watching a family you know, but you can step inside and feel the atmosphere.

Besides the adventure, for us it means family and togetherness and that for a few days we can press pause on reality and remember just why each person in our little family means so much in their own special way.

It’s a ‘break from everyday life’ but spending it with the people that mean the most. As a family of 5, we are all at different stages of our lives, with each stage having different responsibilities and commitments.

Our family unit

I’m Hannah and my husband is Alex. I work part time as a nurse and the rest of my free time is devoted to looking after my blog (and kids of course). Alex has an office set up at home where he works in the creative field, yet his creativity really shines when it involves a different subject matter – our family.

Georgie is 2, and her commitments revolve around her need for food and comfort and tackling the frustrations that comes with being a toddler.  Each day she makes new stains in the carpets, more pen marks on the white walls and wraps everyone around her little finger.  Her daily goal is to cause mischief but really it’s just adventure that she’s always looking out for.

Tobias is 5, much like Georgie his commitments revolve around food and playing games but with the added responsibility of early stages of primary school. He is starting to discover who he really is and is learning new skills every day. His day is an emotional roller coaster as he learns valuable life lessons and skills.

Elliot is 8 and his commitments revolve around tablet and computer time, creative writing and reading. He spends his days being an attentive and keen learner at school, yet he often struggles keeping his emotions in check from time to time. Each day brings new challenges, but he faces each and every one of them, head on, full speed. The highs and lows of being a tween.

We can be together in a place that is not everyday. This is why we try to go on adventures as much as we can. A holiday isn’t just about getting that tan or grabbing that sun lounger, it’s about our kids evolving, learning and seeing things that will make them grow as people. These years when they are still young are the most precious of them all.

Think about what happens when you go on holiday…

You can spend the time to look beyond the horizon.

View the world from a different perspective.

Discover the beauty of unspoilt locations and views like you’ve never seen before.

Really enjoy having your little family unit together and seeing siblings connect in a way that you might not see at home. Capture those moments when the camera doesn’t lie.

That no matter where you are, you are all happiest when you’re together. When it’s somewhere new and exciting then it’s even better for the soul.

Find new places and cultures to explore. A video and photo opportunity at every turn.

So where do you want your next adventure to take you?