Luxury pink sheepskin slippers for that hygge life

We’re finally at the end of January and it feels like it’s been a really long one! The majority of the days were fairly dark, often damp and pretty cold too. We’ve had the heating on, candles burning and the log burner roaring on those really frosty days.

The cold makes me miserable and I’m always trying to find ways to keep warm. It sounds contradictory, but I’m not a fan of wearing loads of layers and jumpers and especially so when I’m indoors. However, I know that if I have warm feet, then that often means I’ll be more comfortable.

If my feet are cold at night, I won’t sleep. So there is no way that I would ever be sticking my feet out from the end of the duvet during the winter, brrr.

I’ve always been a slipper girl and the times that I’ve not owned a pair, I’ve really noticed how cold I can get. Tiled floors with bare feet or in socks, is more than enough to get me feeling quite chilly.

My slippers go all around the house and I leave them at the front door ready for me to slip my feet into once I’ve been outside and I do the same at the bedside, when I’m crawling out of bed.

My old slippers were looking very tatty indeed but were hanging on for dear life.  I usually pick up cheap slippers in the supermarket and I’ll be lucky if they’re still going strong in six months time. I’ve been used to simply replacing them all of the time, rather than buying a pair that are designed to last.

This is where these pink sheepskin slippers from Celtic & Co. have changed things. They are pure sheepskin mules that have a really durable sole, meaning that they can be worn outside too. Now I’m not in the habit of going outside in my slippers, but the waterproof sole means that if you need to pop out for a moment, you know that you won’t ruin them!

I read the reviews thoroughly before deciding on this pair and the main reasons were the style, the fact that they easliy last for years and that they’re fully machine washable too.

They mould so well to your feet and I’m impressed with how warm they keep my feet. I always choose mules as they’re easier to slip on and off without having to use your hands and I also like the open back so that my feet don’t get too warm.

I’m totally living the hygge life with these slippers, after all it’s the little things that keep you happy.

Nb. I was kindly sent these sheepskin slippers for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions remain entirely my own.